Post NEPL D4 5-Man Event 2 GCSN Power Ranking

Post NEPL D4 5-Man Event 2 GCSN Power Ranking

We bring you the official GCSN Power Rankings for D4 5-Man after 2 events. There are plenty of good teams showing up on Saturdays down in Maynard.

The set up is: Position) Team Name (Last Event Ranking) (Position Movement)

12) Boston Shoguns (N/A) (-)

This was the first outing from them and they just couldn’t put anything together. A solid 0-4 on the day.

11) Riot Juice (N/A) (-)

RJ also went 0-4 on the day, the big factor in them going one spot above Shoguns on this list was strength of schedule. Riot Juice played the tougher teams on their way to not winning a game.

10) Master Blasters (N/A) (-)

Master Blasters managed to pull together one win in an upsetting day. Brandon Kim could potentially turn this team around. He’s the only one on the team who stood out or really managed to catch our eye while on the field.

9) New England Knights (5) (-4)

Yes, a team that only competed in event 1 is still above three teams that competed in event 2. The Knights were extremely impressive in event 1. They left a lasting impression.

8) Veteran’s Militia (7) (-1)

After a rough event 1, event 2 shined some light on some talent that they have hiding on that squad. They got stuck in a rough prelim with some great teams. The 1-3 record was only in number.

7) Xtreme Green (6) (-1)

Green had just a little tougher of a day than Militia schedule-wise. Every single team they lost to is currently above them in these rankings. They picked up a win over Shoguns. There’s something to build on with this team, but it might take a few more events to put it together.

6) Portland Puffins (N/A) (-)

This was the first look at the Puffins that we got this season. They had a pretty solid day. For their first event, going 2-2 isn’t bad. They have a great foundation to build on moving forward should they participate in event 3.

5) New England Yetis (N/A) (-)

We still didn’t count last events Yeti Chubby Militia throw together team so this was the first event as a team for them. They came out of the gate strong for event number 1 as a team. A solid podium finish for them to build on as the season progresses.

4) Annihilation (2) (-2)

They looked really good for the first event. At the second event, it almost looked like they went into cruise control. Nothing really stood out and they had a mediocre day on the field.

3) Manchester Half Cock’D (4) (+1)

These guys are on the cusp of being extremely good. It seems like by the end of the day, they are just gassed. Once the playoffs begin, like the Boston Bruins in overtime of Game 2 of the Stanley cup final, they look dead.

2) Dude Crew (3) (+1)

Crew made some leaps and bounds in this event. This was a far cry from how they looked at the first event. They looked almost unbeatable throughout they day.

1) Northern Storm (1) (-)

How can you not name the two time winners the best team in the division? I would literally be lying to you if I didn’t put them at Number 1. They came out on a mission in this event, and that was to prove to Boston Paintball (who ranked them number 3 in their post event 1 power rankings) that they weren’t a fluke.

Pictures: Aaron Perry and Daniel DePalmer of Game Changer Sports Network

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