Picks Against The Spread: Week 2

Picks Against The Spread: Week 2

Week 1 was a crazy week. It was great just to sit down and watch a football game. However, it is quite upsetting to have a six-team parlay card, and have a heavy favorite let you down, *cough cough* EAGLES! I still went 8-6 with my picks, and look to stay with a winning record this week. LET’S GET TO IT!


Rams (-1) vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles really let me down last week. They dominated the first half, however, in the second-half Washington really brought the heat. The Eagles offensive line could not fend them off, and that ultimately cost them the game. I see that happening again this week with Aaron Donald on the other side of the ball. A one point line is essentially a pick ’em, take the Rams to win.

Dallas Cowboys (-4) vs. Atlanta Falcons

I wasn’t too high on the Cowboys last week, and I was proven right. However, they’re back at home this week against a mediocre Falcons team (sorry Falcons fans!) Atlanta’s offense stat-stuffed in garbage time last week, and the defense was torched. This is a bounce-back game for Dallas. I just hate we’ll have to hear about it from Cowboys fans for the next week.

Carolina Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-8.5)

Has anybody looked up Tom Brady’s record after losing in Week 1? I’ll save you the trouble, he doesn’t. The loaded Tampa Bay offense was out of sync last week. That happens when you have: a new QB; no OTA’s; no preseason; and your top WR doesn’t practice all week. This Carolina defense is not good, at all. They have to go on the road to take on the GOAT. This shouldn’t be close.

Detroit Lions (+6.5) vs. Green Bay Packers

I’m taking Detroit simply because Matt Patricia is coaching for his job this week. If he loses, he won’t make it to Week 6, and he knows that. Couple that with the fact that Detroit looked great until the fourth quarter last week. I’ll take the points, bet the over, and pick Detroit this week.

New England Patriots (+4) vs. Seattle Seahawks

This is going to be a low-scoring, ugly game. New England is going to keep the ball on the ground for two reasons.

  1. They have no legitimate deep threat
  2. They want to keep the ball out of Russell Wilson’s hands.

Seattle is also going to run the ball because New England’s secondary isn’t going to make many mistakes. Seattle wins the game, New England covers.


San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Jets (+7.5)

This is another one that will be a low-scoring, ugly game. Both offenses are littered with injuries. For that simple fact, I don’t see the 49ers winning by over seven points. Bet the under as well.

Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins (+6)

I’m sorry….I thought we all liked the Dolphins going into the season? Yeah, they struggled against the greatest coach of all time, doesn’t everyone? Historically, Fitzmagic is great against the Bills. Couple that with the fact you’re putting a cold weather team in Miami, in September. Take the points.

Minnesota Vikings (+3) vs. Indianapolis Colts


Jacksonville Jaguars (+7.5) vs. Tennessee Titans

The Titans did not look great against the Broncos, and now their top WR, AJ Brown, is out. Jacksonville looked good last week, I’m going to buy into the hype, for now…

Washington vs. Arizona Cardinals (-7)

The Cardinals are phenomenal. Contenders yet? Don’t think so. Good enough to beat up on Washington? Definitely. The pass rush of Washington worries me here, but Kyler Murray faced one just as good last week in San Francisco, and it didn’t seem to slow him down.

Baltimore Ravens (-7.5) vs. Houston Texans

Jesus Christ. Chiefs Week 1, Ravens Week 2, that’s brutal. I believe Baltimore is a better roster than Kansas City, the difference of course being the 500 million dollar man. Houston will once again struggle to keep up with this high-powered offense.

Kansas City Chiefs (-9) vs. Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers were painful to watch last week. The offense struggled to move the ball on the Bengals. They won’t be able to keep up with Mahomes.

New Orleans Saints vs. Las Vegas Raiders (+6)

Wild card pick of the week. Las Vegas’ offense looked good last week, even though it was going up against Carolina’s defense. However, the Saints are coming off an emotional win, and will be without Michael Thomas. Saints get the win, but it’ll be a tight game.


Denver Broncos (+7) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (-7)

Conflict of interest here. I like Drew Lock and the Broncos, but they looked very young last week, which they are. I also am not very high on the Steelers, who dominated their opponent last week. That opponent was the Giants, who are garbage. I just don’t know what I’m getting from either team.

Chicago Bears (-5.5) vs. New York Giants (+5.5)

The Bears were terrible on both sides of the ball for three quarters last week. I don’t trust anything about that team, especially Trubisky. I don’t think Saquon is held to under 10 yard rushing again, but hey, you never know. I just don’t trust either one of these teams enough to risk money on them.

Those are the picks for this week! Hope you enjoyed them, and more importantly, I hope they help you win some money! Happy gambling!

Featured photo courtesy of Dirk Shadd/Tampa Bay Times

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