Picks Against The Spread:  Week 1

Picks Against The Spread: Week 1

The NFL season is finally here ladies and gentlemen. After one of the worst years I’ve seen in my 22 years on Earth, we finally have something to look forward to every week. It also provides me a few months to supplement my income with some good, old-fashioned gambling. Let’s get to the picks.

Texans @ Chiefs (-9.5)

Normally, I would the points here, and I struggled making this pick all week. With the news that Brandin Cooks will probably miss the game, I don’t think Watson will have the firepower to keep up with that nuclear-powered Kansas City offense.

Dolphins (+6.5) @ Patriots

Take the points. This is not the New England team we’ve seen for the past two decades. I think the offense will be okay, but the defense lost too many pieces to free agency and COVID-19 opt-outs. If New England manages to squeak out a victory, it’ll be by a field goal.

Browns (+7) @ Ravens

POINTS! If a competent team is getting over 6 points, take it always. The Browns once again enter the season with hype, the difference is this time, I’m buying into it. I don’t think they beat Baltimore here, but I think they cover the spread.

Jets @ Bills (-7)

Pretty simple logic here. Bills should make a deep playoff run, the Jets are a dumpster fire, the Bills will win by two scores.

Seahawks (-2) @ Falcons

If the line was 3 here, I would take Atlanta. I think Atlanta is a good team, that’s coming into the year with no expectations. With that being said, Seattle is a powerhouse led by one of the league’s best, Russell Wilson.

Eagles (-6) @ Washington

Remember earlier when I said if a competent team gets at least 6 points, take it? The Washington Football Team is not at all competent. Even though Philly seems to be hobbling into the season, I still have them by a touchdown.

Bears @ Lions (-3)

The Lions have Matt Stafford back, are at home, and are playing a team with no identity on offense. Let’s not waste time on this one, next.

Colts (-8) @ Jaguars

I could honestly see Jacksonville losing every game by two scores, they are awful on both sides of the ball. The Colts have the best offensive line in football, a good QB in Phillip Rivers, and a solid defense, this won’t be close.

Packers (-2.5) @ Vikings

I love the Vikings roster, I really do, but I’m buying into the Aaron Rodgers hype this year. He seems healthy and excited to play this year, and I think he starts that by going into Minnesota and making a statement.

Chargers (-3) @ Bengals

I think the only reason the line isn’t higher is because Vegas wants people to think the addition of Joe Burrow will make this Bengals team a contender. WELL YOU’RE NOT GETTING ME! Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa are going to feast on this atrocious offensive line, and Tyrod isn’t going to turn the ball over and score some points on this terrible defense. Pretty simple.

Cardinals (+7) @ 49ers

Here’s my boldest prediction of the week. Arizona wins this game. I’ve bought into the Kyler Murray hype, and I think the 49ers come out flat coming off that Super Bowl loss.

Buccaneers @ Saints (-3.5)

Betting on a spread is just an educated guess, it’s extremely tough the first week of the season. Here’s my guess though, this Buccaneers team will struggle early to get their feet under them. Lot of new weapons, new QB, new expectations, no OTA’S, no preseason. I’m high on this Buccaneers team, and think they will beat the Saints when they play them again later this year, but the Saints take this first meeting by a touchdown.

Cowboys (-3) @ Rams

I’m not big on giving the Cowboys the benefit of the doubt, but I will here. This team is loaded on both sides of the ball and Dak seems to have a fire under him due to getting franchise-tagged. The Rams will bounce back this year, but I think the Cowboys overpower them this week.

Steelers (-6) @ Giants

I’m not as big on the Steelers as most people are, but they should handily beat this dysfunctional Giants team by two touchdowns, especially with Big Ben back under center.

Games I’m Not Touching

Raiders (-3) @ Panthers (+3)

I have no idea what I’m getting with either one of these teams coming out the gate. It could go either way, not a sure enough bet, if that even exists.

Titans (-2.5) @ Broncos (+2.5)

I know what I have in the Titans, my problem is with the Broncos. They’re a real boom or bust team this year. Will they boom early or come out flat, who’s to say? Stay away from this one.

Those are my picks for this week, if you take my advice and win some money, please join me next week and every week after that!

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