Phillies Seal The Deal

As talks from clubs started in search of new Managers the spotlight seemed to shine on one candidate a little more brightly, Joe Girardi. As reported by [insert here], Girardi and Philadelphia have come to an agreement, taking the former Yankee Manager off the market.

In his 11-year career as a Manager he has boasted a .554 win percentage and led the 2009 New York Yankees Club to a World Series Championship. In fact, in 11 years he only has one losing season, which was in 2006 when he led the Miami Marlins to a 78-84 record, resulting in a .481 win percentage. But come on, it’s the Marlins. Do they really count?

Being a former Catcher with an illustrious career, he has a very good knowledge of commanding the field from a players perspective as well, and a in-depth insight as to how to speak with umpires effectively to make them understand your argument, while being diplomatic. Having this background also allows him the uniqueness of connecting to his catchers, which in today’s Baseball with limited mound visitations – having a catcher who truly knows how to control a game and pitchers mental state is extremely crucial to a successful clubhouse.

There is no mistake as to why Girardi was in the top 6 of AL Managers of the Year 9 years running. Even winning NL Manager of the Year in 2006 when he was with the Marlins. With a 73.4% challenge overturn rate, and 128 challenges in the four years he managed where that was an option, as well as 36 Career Ejections; Girardi will go to bat for his players. The Club respects him for it, and they will follow him to the end.

To the Phillies: You’ve now received a great addition to your Club. Arguably the best addition in recent years. Don’t screw this up.

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Photo Credit: NJ.Com

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