Penei Sewell Scouting Report

Penei Sewell Scouting Report


  • Position: OT
  • School: Oregon
  • Class: Sophmore
  • Height: 6’6″
  • Weight: 330 lbs

Penei Sewell was a 4-star recruit coming out of Dessert Hills High School in St. George, Utah. He had offers from virtually every major program (Alabama, Notre Dame, USC, Oklahoma, Michigan, Florida), but chose to attend Oregon University. Sewell broke out in 2019 and was a unanimous All-American selection, first team All-PAC-12 and won the Outland Trophy. He opted out of the 2020 season due to COVID-19 concerns and began preparing for the 2021 NFL Draft.


Size: 5

At 6’6″, and weighing 331 pounds, do I need to say anymore?

Strength/Explosion: 4

Sewell is a extremely explosive and gets out of his stance in a flash. He shows good power, but isn’t a guy who’s going to move people out the way. Sewell sometimes struggles getting his defender completely out of the way.

Agility/Length: 4

Sewell possesses good length and that shouldn’t be an issue for him at the next level. He moves well for a guy that is 330 pounds, not the most agile tackle in the class, but he adjusts well in space.

Run Blocking: 5

Sewell is a nasty, physical run blocker. While he doesn’t possess ungodly strength, he plays violently in the run game. He wants to beat you to the point of attack and embarrass you when you get there.

Pass Blocking: 4

Once again, he gets out of his stance quickly and into his pass set. Sewell has solid hand placement and good foot placement. He can sometimes let his competiveness get the best of him and let his technique get sloppy while trying to maul the rusher.

Technique: 4

Most of the problems you hear about Sewell’s technique is just nitpicking. He sometimes let’s his feet get too close together on pass sets, causing him to hit the ground more than you’d like to see. His hand placement is sometimes too wide and causes him to get beat on a inside rip move.

Versatility: 5

Sewell played OG in high school and I have no doubt he could be an immediate Pro Bowl caliber guard as a rookie.

Awareness/Football IQ: 5

Sewell shows very good awareness pre-snap. He identifies blitzing all across the line and points them out to his fellow lineman. He also has good peripheral vision.

Health: 5

Even though he had a high ankle sprain in 2018, it wasn’t due to structural weakness. The injury occurred when he was caught under a 300 pound defensive lineman. Ankle sprains happen, and is nothing serious like an ACL tear.

Score: 41/45


You have to look hard to find any flaws in Sewell’s game. He has some minor technique issues, but nothing that can’t be fixed with some pro coaching. His athleticism, physical mentality, and the fact he is only 20 years old puts his ceiling sky high. There’s no such thing as a perfect prospect, but Sewell is a close as you can get. Take him if you need a tackle and let him be the cornerstone of your line for the next 15 years.


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Featured image courtesy of Bryce Dial/GCSN

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