PDC World Darts Championship Quarter Final Results

PDC World Darts Championship Quarter Final Results

The Quarterfinals kicked off today in Victoria Palace, with four giant matches to determine the Semi Finals. 8 men entered, including 2 former World Champions, to play best of 9 matches. With plenty of darts to be played and a spot in the Semi Finals on the line, the pressure is on for the remaining players.

The day started off with Krysztof Ratajski (15) vs Stephen Bunting (26). Bunting took an early lead in the matchup with a 3 set start. Ratajski was able to calm the nerves and take the fourth set, and barely lost out on the fifth set. In a matchup that saw a lot of nerves from both sides, Bunting seemed to be throwing clutch more often. Despite being behind, Ratajski refused to go down without a fight. Ratajski won the sixth and seventh set, keeping himself alive with a killer comeback. Ratajski had the first throw in the important 8th set, but Bunting was able to break the throw. Bunting took the first two legs, and Ratajski played valiantly. But it was too little too late. Stephen Bunting took the final leg and the game, allowing him to advance to the Semi Finals for the first time in his career. Bunting with a lot of optimism and confidence after the match, stated that he has, “A great record this year.”

Stephen Bunting with the win 5-3.

The next game would see 2-time PDC Champion Gary Anderson (13) take on the unranked Dirk van Duijvenbode. So far, tournament stats have Duijvenbode ahead, behind only in double percentage. Duijvenbode also played the most legs in the tournament to get to the quarter finals, while Anderson has played the least. Anderson got the first throw, but Duivjenbode took the first leg to break the throw. He rode the momentum to take the first set, while Anderson then broke the throw in the second set, to take the first leg. While Duijvenbode was able to take the second leg, Anderson cleaned up on a huge mistake from Duijvenbode to take the set. Anderson was the first to hold his throw, taking advantage of a frustrated Duijvenbode to sweep the third set. Anderson kept the pressure on, really rattling Duijvenbode to break the throw with a well timed 180. Anderson took the fourth set again on a sweep. The fifth set looked like another possible sweep for Anderson, but Duijvenbode was able to take the third leg to stretch out the set. As hard as Duijvenbode fought, the result was inevitable as Anderson took the fifth set, putting him up 4-1. Surgical was Anderson, beating the throw on the sixth set for the first leg. But Duijvenbode started to rally, taking the second two legs. Gary Anderson was not to be stopped though, and took the final legs to win.

Gary Anderson with the win 5-1.

The next match would be Gerwyn Price (3) vs Daryl Gurney (11). Price had the first throw and was able to take the first set. Price would sweep on the second set to take the early lead. With Price getting the first throw in Set 3, things started to look bleak for Gurney. But with some clutch throwing, Gurney was able to take the first leg. In a back and forth second leg, Gurney was able to hold out his lead, and take the second one as well. Price lived up to his nickname as the Iceman, and held on to take the 3rd leg. Price and Gurney swapped 180’s to start the fourth leg. It would be Gurney that won the fourth leg, winning the third set and setting himself up with the throw on the fourth set. Gurney rode the momentum to take the first leg. Price gambled by not taking the bullseye with his final dart, allowing Gurney another chance in the second leg. His gamble did pay off though, and he took the leg with a first dart on double 20. Gurney, though would take the third leg to keep his lead and his comeback hopes alive. Price would miss three attempts on double 10, allowing Gurney to win the leg and tie up the sets at 2 apiece. Price got to start the fifth set, where Gurney was almost able to grab it from him. Gurney was able to hold onto his throw advantage on the second leg. The two would mirror points in the third leg with Price coming out on top. Price came in clutch when Gurney missed five darts, allowing Price to take the fifth set. Price and Gurney exchanged the first two legs, beating out each other’s throw advantage. Gurney took the third leg, fighting to get tied once again. Price kept the pressure on by winning the fourth leg, making the sixth set extremely important. A miss from Gurney allowed Price to win the set, leaving him one set away from the match. Price had the throw advantage going into the set, but Gurney beat the throw to take the first set. Gurney poured on the pressure taking the second set as well. Price tried to kill the momentum, yet Gurney wouldn’t be denied, sweeping the three legs to take the set. Gurney started the eighth set and took advantage of Price’s missed darts to take the leg. Price looked a bit rattled to start the second leg. Gurney was able to push the pressure, sweeping Price again, for six consecutive legs won and tying the men at 4 sets. Price finally broke the streak, taking the first leg on the final set. No one was giving up, as it would be a fight to the bloody end, Gurney taking the second leg. Under high pressure, Price kept his head to pull ahead once again. Gurney won the fourth leg, sending both men to go the distance. Price had the throw advantage. Gurney had the first opportunity to put it away, but his miss would allow price to take the set and the match!

Gerwyn Price wins the match 5-4.

The final match would see Michael van Gerwen (1), a three time World champion, face off against Dave Chisnall (8). Chisnall started and would take the set three legs to one, hitting 4 180’s in the set. The second set started with Gerwen, yet Chisnall beat the throw to take the first leg. Chisnall then hit 180 to start the next leg, and took the second leg. Gerwen managed to stop the momentum, winning the third leg to avoid getting swept. Chrisnall was throwing points up in large sums, with almost a ten point average above Gerwen. But Gerwen refused to give up on the set, taking the fourth leg before getting the throw on the final leg. Chisnall would get up to seven 180’s in the match and win the final leg to take a two set lead, keeping the three time World Champion on the ropes. Chisnall held his throw to start the third set, taking the leg, then beat the throw to take the second leg. Finally, Gerwen was able to wrestle a win on the leg, beating off another 180 from Chisnall, then repeated the feat for the fourth leg. But Chisnall took his time, and won the final leg to get the set, with a 3-0 lead. Chisnall beat the throw, and was absolutely on fire, taking the first leg. Gerwen kept falling behind, dropping the second leg against the unrelenting Chisnall. A very near miss allowed Gerwen to take the leg. The two exchanged 180’s to start the last fourth leg, with Chisnall hitting another afterwards, closing out the set with 11 darts. Having set himself up with the potential set sweep, Chisnall would have the throw advantage for the fifth set. The two would swap 180’s again in the first leg with Chisnall taking the first leg. Gerwen would take the second leg, keeping hope alive. Chisnall would not relent at all, taking the third leg, and leaving him just one last leg to win the match. Gerwen missed one finish on the fourth leg, and Chisnall hammered it home to sweep World ranked #1 and move to the Semi Finals on a total 14 180s.

Dave Chisnall wins the match 5-0.

The crowd has shrunk to the final four men, with the heavy favorite knocked out. With only one previous World Champion left. The Semi Finals kick off tomorrow!

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