PDC World Darts Championship Finals Results

PDC World Darts Championship Finals Results

The final match to crown the PDC World Champion in the biggest tournament in darts is here! Two-time PDC World Champion Gary Anderson (13) looks to get his third title, while Gerwen Price (3) is looking for his first. A tale of a man who is making it to his first final, against the old dart slinger, looking for another run at the top. It’ll be the first to seven sets, with Price having two long matches these past two days. Will Price be able to shake the nerves of his debut on the grand stage and his fatigue of the finals? Can Gary Anderson return to his former glory to win his third World Championship to tie him for the second most World Championships? It all comes down to this last match.

Anderson gets the throw advantage to start the first set. Both played safe darts to start, allowing Anderson to hold the throw and take the first leg. Anderson continued to play well against his rival to break the throw. Price wasn’t able to finish, and Anderson remained calm to take the second leg as well. Price needed a leg win to avoid the sweep, a feat that wasn’t made easy as Anderson hit the first 180 of the match. Price gets back with a finish, leaving him in good position to try and take the fourth leg. In a quick fourth leg, Price held the throw to move to the deciding fifth leg. Despite Anderson’s start, Price hits a 180 to try and break the throw. Anderson missed his finish again, allowing Price to break the throw again, taking the last leg the first set.

Price kept the pressure on with the second set, taking the first leg by holding his throw. Anderson wasn’t about to let nerves shake him, as he nailed a 180 and finished strong to take the second leg. It would be Anderson to break the throw and grab the third leg with a strong finish. Price missed a 70 finish, allowing Anderson to take the fourth set with a double 20, winning the second set for himself.

Price outscored Anderson in the first leg, breaking the throw to take the first leg. Price was able to stay ahead, taking the second leg. As if that wasn’t enough pressure on Anderson, Price hit a 180 to start himself out for the third leg, and a second later in the set. But Anderson still took the leg with an incredible 170 finish to squeak by in the third leg. Yet, Price once again poured on the points to take the fourth leg and the set to get ahead again.

The fourth match started with Price again, who had been settling in on high points, hitting yet another 180. It was momentum too great to overcome as Price continued to roll and take the first leg. Anderson held his throw against Price, allowing him to take the second leg. Price was holding his own again, with his sixth 180. He would hit his 7th tops” (double 20) on a 120 finish, allowing him to take the third leg. Despite being ahead to start the leg, Price would stay 8/8 on double 20, winning the Fourth set and adding to his lead.

Price started to keep the pressure, winning the first leg to try and run away with the match. It was a missed finish on the second leg to allow Price to take it and try to sweep the set. Anderson missed out on the finish, and Price wouldn’t capitalize, letting Anderson take the third leg. With tactical throwing, Price left himself tops once again for the finish, and he remained perfect to throwing there to take the leg and finish the set.

With only 3 more sets needed for Price, he started off the sixth set, wanting to run away with the match. Anderson wasn’t going quietly, hitting a 180. Anderson started throwing faster, but the change didn’t allow him to take the first leg. Price hit his 11th double 20, staying perfect on the throw. Price was looking unstoppable, at 75% on double shots and won the leg on 10 darts and taking the set with a sweep in a flawless set. Price was able to set a PDC Playoff record with a 136.6-point average in the set.

Anderson lost the throw as Price came out swinging hitting tops again to stay perfect and take the leg. The two men would swap 180s to start the second leg, but Price hit another double 20 to stay perfect at 13/13 to take the leg. Price continued to lay in the pressure, with another 180. Anderson must have been feeling the pressure, as it took him quite a while to find a finish. He did manage, taking the third leg. Price cooled off a bit, allowing Anderson to take the fourth leg, after Price missed his first double 20. Anderson’s legs that he won weren’t pretty taking 15-21 darts per leg, but he was holding on to survive. The resilience seemed to pay off as Anderson won the final leg, to chip away at the lead.

The eighth set started out with Price’s throw advantage, fighting off Anderson’s 180 and taking the opening leg. Anderson played well enough in the second leg, getting it done on a leg where one of Price’s darts bounced out. The momentum seemed to be turning, as Anderson started leg three with a 180. Another failed finish allowed Price to win the leg, keeping Anderson on the ropes. But Price wasn’t the only one capitalizing on mistakes, as Anderson swept up the fourth leg. Price started hot on the final leg, hitting a 180, and hit the double 20 a 14th time in the match, winning the leg and winning the set.

A crucial ninth set would have Anderson on a hold, and needing to win the remaining sets to become World Champion. Price came out swinging, hitting a 180 to set the pace of the leg. Price broke the throw and took the leg, keeping the pressure high on Anderson. Price’s nerves seemed to be getting to him, colliding with one of his darts, and a big miss. But Anderson couldn’t take the advantage, and Price took the second leg. Anderson started with a 180 to try keep his hopes alive. Both men failed to finish early and it was Anderson who held out to win the leg. It took a bit for either man to finish, but Anderson once again was able to take the leg. Price missed several times, at times being a single dart away from World Championship. Anderson won out the fifth leg, taking a set that seemed destined to be the final one.

While Anderson started the tenth set, it was Price still trying to take victory with a 180. Price struggled to hit doubles to put legs away, allowing Anderson to take the first leg. As the match continued, it was almost as if the favor swung for Anderson. Price was playing a completely different game than what he threw in the sixth set. His mind was working against him, and the experience of being on the big stage seemed to be the game changer. With all the pressure, Price was still able to hold on, and take the third leg. Price once again won the leg, leaving him just 501 points from the win. Price missed 11 match darts, 11 chances at taking the match. But Finally, Price hit the double 5 to take the leg, set, match and World Championship.

Gerwen Price was able to shake off the nerves and take down the two-time world Champion. Price won the Championship as well as moved to World #1 in the rankings, and took home a 500,000-pound payday. While Price may have finished pretty weak, his amazing play in the middle of the match will be remembered. Mostly his record setting average in the sixth set. A great match and well-deserved Champion that managed to hold on to win the PDC World Championship.

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