Our Story

Game Changer Sports Network made its debut in August of 2017 as a two best friends talking about sports once a week on Facebook Live. The two hosted the show in Jake’s basement. The show was called “The Game Changer”. Since the beginning, Game Changer Sports Network has prided itself on staying genuine and true to sports without social or political disruption.

After several months as a hobby, “The Game Changer” officially re-branded in March of 2018 as Game Changer Sports Network. In our first official year as a company we got just over 350,000 views (March 1st to December 31st, 2018). It was from that moment, Game Changer Sports Network went from a small hobby to something Jake and his team wanted to build upon.

Since then, the Game Changer Sports Network expanded from a small Facebook page to everything it is now. Currently there are 25 people on the roster as writers, editors, live personalities, and graphic designers. They have also successfully partnered with Circus Monkey Sports and Talk Interference Sports. They have an eclectic background with people across the US and in Canada. They’ve steadily grown to hit milestone after milestone. Currently, Game Changer Sports Network streams 8 live broadcasts across all social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitch.

For us, this is only the beginning!

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