On the Record: Week 11 Game Predictions

On the Record: Week 11 Game Predictions

Wait. What just happened? Week 10 was crazy, and it did not disappoint. The Patriots played like the Bills, and the Bills played like the Patriots. The Giants won big on Monday night, and the Eagles let Chip Kelly coach for a day. Welcome back for another segment of “On the Record” with Ian and Cameron!  For a recap of last weeks picks lets pull a few examples from last week’s article: “The Colts MAKE A STATEMENT in this one attacking the middle of the field with their extremely talented Tight Ends. Colts TE’s will score 3 touchdowns crushing all playoff hopes for the Jags.” “Julio Jones will score his 2nd TD of the year.” “Aaron Rodgers takes control of this game, and Aaron Jones has one of his best games to date with 100+ yards and a score or 2.” Why did we share these in particular? Well because they’re 100% correct. Let’s see how the NFL “experts” from around the league did last week:

Dave Richard CBS: 7-7 ; 100-46-2
Mike Clay ESPN: 8-6 ; 96-50-2
Elliot Harrison NFL: 7-7 ; 100-46-2
Nathan Jahnke PFF:  8-6 ; 98-48-2

Last week Cameron went 9-5 making his yearly record to 95-51-2. Ian went 8-6 last week bringing his yearly record to 100-46-2 which is tied for the #1 spot in all of sports networking! That just goes to show that our Game Changer Sports Network football experts Ian and Cameron know what they’re talking about! This week we hear from Cameron first! Let’s see what our GCSN Experts have to say during this week’s segment of “On the Record”:

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Thursday Night Football
Green Bay Packers @ Seattle Seahawks

This should be an interesting and fun game to watch. A big storyline that many people are following is how Jimmy Graham will play against his former team, but what I’ll be watching is how Aaron Jones can do against the Seahawks defense. Jones is coming off one of the best performances of his season (145 yards on the ground and two TDs). The Seattle defense has given up over 1,000 yards on the ground through 9 games. The development of Jones and the Green Bay running game has caught a lot of attention. Seattle’s run game has seen much improvement this season as well with Chris Carson.

My Prediction: The Seahawks will look to stop Jones on the ground, but a few big runs from him will open up the play action for Rodgers. Adams and Valdez-Scantling each find the end zone for the Packers as they get above .500.

GB 24- SEA 17

Remember the 2012 referee lockout? These two teams will never forget. Despite only playing once every couple years the Packers and Seahawks have developed a relatively fierce rivalry. Both teams have been struggling to find their rhythm. Statistically they are within yards of each other in almost all defensive category. Offense, however, is a different story. Green Bay is the 6th ranked passing offense and Seattle is 26th. Seattle averages more rushing yards per game than any other team in the league. But last week I said, “Aaron Jones has one of his best games to date with 100+ yards and a score or 2.” Which is exactly what happened. Recently Jones has been finding his stride which makes things much easier on Aaron Rodgers. Thursday night games tend to favor the offense. This is a tough one to pick, but here I go.

My Prediction: The Seahawks defense is good, but it’s not Rodgers proof. Aaron Jones has back to back 100-yard rushing weeks and one touchdown allowing Rodgers to throw for 250-yards and 2 TDs

GB 27 – SEA 20

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans

Sunday 12 O’clock Games
Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts

This is my hardest pick of the week. The Colts are my team and it would feel like a sin to pick against them, but this Titans team is looking better and better every week. They are coming off a HUGE 34-10 win against the defending AFC Champions and Marcus Mariota looked like a pro bowl QB for most of that game. The Titans defense has really been the difference maker for them. However, the Colts offensive line has given up ZERO sacks in the last four weeks. There hasn’t been this good of an offensive line in Indy since they won the Super Bowl in 2007. Eric Ebron leads the league in touchdowns by a TE and the Colts have averaged 36 points per game in their last three wins, but the Titans have allowed the fewest points in the league.

My Prediction: Of course, I’m picking the Colts! The Titans will look to lock up Ebron, but Doyle and Alie-Cox will each have a score, Mack will get one out of the backfield, and the Colts D will come up with a big stop on the Titans’ final drive to seal their fourth win in a row and get back to .500.

IND 27- TEN 24

Another important divisional game this week for the Colts. Last week the Titans showed that they are a real threat. The Colts are red hot and their offense is pounding on all cylinders. Rookie Darius Leonard is a top candidate for DROY and is leading the league in tackles. Statistically these teams are almost even. But the Colts have the advantage through the air. Of all the 12 O’clock games this is sure to be one of the best. Eric Ebron is playing the best football of his career, and so is Andrew Luck. The Colts have been piling on the points and their defense has played well, but don’t forget 2 of their last 3 wins came against the Raiders and the Bills. Not exactly impressive. The AFC South is wide open, who will continue to put the pressure on the Houston Texans?

My Prediction: Ugh. This is a tough game to pick, but I have to give the advantage to the home team. The Colts TEs will be the difference maker. Ebron and Doyle will both score at least once.

IND 24- TEN 20

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New York Giants

How can Fitzmagic throw for over 400 yards but the Bucs still lose?! Because I predicted that the Redskins would win last week. The Giants are coming off their second win of the year against the 49ers and look to start a winning streak (their first since 2016). Saquon Barkley has taken the league by storm and is already a top-five back in the league. The Buccaneers defense has allowed the most points in the league but the Giants are averaging less than 20 points per game scored. I think the big story to watch with this game is the quarterback play of both Ryan Fitzpatrick and Eli Manning. There has been obvious controversy with the QB situation in Tampa Bay, and Eli Manning is playing for a job at this point- expect both guys to show up to play.

My Prediction: This game will be a shootout, but a short week will doom the Giants. OJ Howard and Desean Jackson both score, Saquon goes for 130 and two TDs but it’s not enough.

TB 31- NYG 20

These two teams are some of the most frustrating in the league. I pick them to win and they lose, I pick them to lose and they win. It’s annoying. The Buccaneers have shown bits of greatness throughout the season. Despite being 3-6 the Bucs lead the league in offensive yards/game and are 12th in points/game. The Giants however are ranked bottom 10 in the league in almost all offensive categories. Luckily both teams have terrible defenses. It’s a safe bet to start offensive players from both teams in fantasy this week. The Buccaneers have one of the worst defenses in the league and if the Giants can find a way to protect Eli this game could go either way.

My Prediction: The Buccaneers are good at moving the ball inside the 50 but after that they’re trash. The Buccaneers will have 2 turnovers and a missed field goal. OBJ catches 2 TDs and Saquon runs one in from 20+ yards.

NYG 27 – TB 20

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Jacksonville Jaguars

The Steelers are coming off a booming offensive showing against Carolina and have had a long week to recover and prepare for the Jaguars. The Jags defense has been a disappointment compared to how they played last year, and that has led to them having a 3-6 record. The return of Fournette should help them, but their defense just isn’t what it was last year. Antonio Brown is continuing to show why he’s the best WR in the league- he has 10 touchdowns this season and has scored in every game but one (week 2 against KC). James Conner entered the concussion protocol last week but has had an extra few days to recover and although is currently listed as questionable, I think he’ll play.

My Prediction: Antonio Brown extends his scoring streak to eight games and the Steelers look to move into one of the top two spots in the AFC despite an impressive showing by the Jags run game.

PIT 34- JAX 28

The Steelers should have never lost to the Jaguars in the playoffs last year. People say the Eagles are pretenders but forget that the Jaguars made it to the AFC Championship last year. After a slow start the Steelers have hit stride and their offense is rolling. The Jaguars have now lost games in a row scoring an average of 17.8 points per game which is 4th worst in the league. The Steelers have yet to lose on the road and with the way they’ve been playing I don’t think they will this week.

My Prediction: Steelers continue to roll, and James Conner shows why the Steelers didn’t pay Bell. Brown catches a TD and Conner rushes for 2 scores and 100+ yards.

PIT 34- JAX 20

Carolina Panthers @ Detroit Lions

The Panthers are coming off a rough loss to Pittsburgh. However, there were still some noteworthy celebrations for Carolina fans: Christian McCaffery found the end zone three times against an impressive Steelers D. Cam Newton has had a solid season. One other thing they can celebrate is that the Lions are not good. Their offensive line has looked atrocious in the last two weeks and Matt Stafford has been on his back more than on his feet. Kerryon Johnson has had two 100-yard rushing games this year despite the abysmal O-line performance. Opponents have put up over 20 points in every game this year against the Lions except the Patriots- Matt Patricia’s former team.

My Prediction: Christian McCaffery scores another two TDs, Cam Newton runs in another one, and Stafford throws for over 300 but still comes up short as the Panthers rebound from their last week loss.

CAR 31- DET 27

Matt Patricia continues to struggle in his debut season with Detroit. The Panthers got violated by the Steeles last week, but that does not mean they’re a bad team. The Panthers had been playing good football up until last week.  The Lions have pretty much kissed their playoff hopes for this season goodbye, but Carolina still holds the top wildcard spot. The Panthers are one of the best rushing teams in the league, and the Lions allow the 5th most rushing yards per game.  I expect big games out of both running backs.

My Prediction: Carolina gets back on track with a big win on the road. Both teams will rush for a total 0f 250 yards and 4 touchdowns.

CAR 27 – DET 20

Dallas Cowboys @ Atlanta Falcons

I picked Philly to beat Dallas and I picked Atlanta to beat Cleveland last week and got burned in both. Here’s to fixing that this week. Zeke Elliott had over 150 yards on the ground and two scores last week against an Eagles defense that is looking like the Jaguars of the NFC this year. Julio Jones leads the league in receiving yards and became the fastest to ever reach 10,000 receiving yards last week. Both teams have the potential to explode for a bunch of yards and a bunch of points. I think the difference maker in this one will be the quarterback play. Dak Prescott played well against a beaten and bruised Eagles secondary but otherwise has performed at a subpar level this year. Matt Ryan has the third most passing yards in the league this year and joins Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff as the only three currently over 3,000 yards in the air.

My Prediction: The Atlanta offense bounces back from a weak performance against Cleveland and shows up to play against Dallas. Zeke goes for over 100 yards on the ground again, but Matt Ryan and company shows the Cowboys that the ball travels faster in the air than on the ground.

ATL 30- DAL 20

Let me start by saying I am rooting for the Falcons in this one. As an Eagles fan I cannot stand the Cowboys. (Deep breathe) The Falcons are not good. Matt Ryan has not been the same since he lost in the Super Bowl. With NFC Wildcard spots up for grabs the Falcons are not out of it yet. The Cowboys are 1-4 on the road and despite beating the Eagles last week they have struggled on offense this season. I don’t expect this to be a very high scoring game. The Falcons have one of the worst rush defenses in the league allowing the 5th most rushing touchdowns and they allowed longest rushing touchdown of the year (92 yards). Zeke is one of the best running backs in the league, add 2 and 2 together.

My Prediction: Zeke will rush for 150-yards and 2 touchdowns, but Matt Ryan uses Julio Jones to his advantage. Julio will have his 3rd touchdown of the year, and Ridley will catch a 40+ yard TD as well.

ATL 27 – DAL 17

Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens

Divisional match ups are always interesting and hard to predict. The Ravens come in at 4-5 and have had an extra week to prepare. The Bengals at 5-4 and are coming off a blowout loss against New Orleans. The extra time to watch film and get healthy for the Ravens will play a big role in this game. Joe Flacco will likely not play in this game, giving the Heisman winner Lamar Jackson his time to shine. Jackson is the only one of five first round QBs who has not started a game this season. This is interesting to note because the Bengals have allowed the second most rushing yards this season.

My Prediction: With Lamar Jackson looking to get his first start, I think he rushes for 70 yards and throws for 200 as he moves to an undefeated 1-0 as a starting QB in the league.

BAL 26- CIN 24

With Wildcard spots up for grabs both teams are looking to get their hands on one. The Steelers look like they’ll take the AFC North, which means these two teams need to grab 1 of 2 wildcard spots. The injury to AJ Green is hard for the Bengals who got dismantled by the Saints last week. The Ravens are fresh off their bye week, but question marks around Joe Flaccos status this week are cause for concern. Lamar Jackson was good in college, but can he get it done in the NFL? I don’t know. The Bengals beat the Ravens earlier in the year, but they had AJ Green at the time.  There are too factors in this game to make a solid pick, this game could go either way.

My Prediction: Give me Cincinnati. All the other experts I’ve seen are picking the Ravens. The fact is Jackson has yet to play in an NFL game, and against a division rival desperate for wins? It will not be as easy as some people think. The Bengals will not falter in their drive for the playoffs. Joe Mixon will score twice.

CIN 27 – BAL 23

Houston Texans @ Washington Redskins

Houston is coming off a bye but has won their last six contests. The Skins are leading the NFC East and I don’t know if there’s anyone out there who isn’t a Washington fan that would have predicted that. Future hall of famer Adrian Peterson has been a major contributor to this- he’s currently in the top five for rushing yards this year. The addition of Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix will continue to improve the Skins secondary. He and DJ Swearinger (who is tied for the second most interceptions in the league) will lead that defense against Deshaun Watson, who has had four 300+ yard passing games this year.

My Prediction: Deandre Hopkins has 12 receptions for 120 yards and a TD despite the strong secondary of Washington. AP goes for 80 and a score.

HOU 28- WAS 17

Two teams who currently sit at the top of their divisions battle to hold onto their leads. The Redskins held their ground against the Falcons last week and the Texans are fresh off their bye. Both defenses are playing well, and the Redskins recent addition of Haha Clinton-Dix is proving to be a great move. The Texans rely on their pass game, 249 yards passing 120 yards rushing per game, which will be hard to get moving against this solid Washington Secondary. Typically, I give the advantage to the home team, but this game is different. Both teams are solid.

My Prediction: I need the Redskins to lose. Houstons offense, with the addition of Thomas, will defeat the Redskins on the road. Hopkins will catch a touchdown and have a Sportcenter Top 10 catch.

HOU 31 – WAS 24


Sunday 3:00 O’clock Games
Oakland Raiders @ Arizona Cardinals

Arizona hung with the top team in the AFC last week. Oakland is the worst team in football. For the time being, unless the Raiders are playing a local peewee team, I’m picking their opponent. This decision isn’t too difficult when Derek Carr decides to throw it away on 4th down.

My Prediction: David Johnson has two TDs, Larry Fitzgerald has a 100-yard game and the Cards get their third win of the year.

ARI 27- OAK 14

Here’s a game the Raiders have a slim chance of winning, and I mean SLIM. Jon Gruden may be in the process of rebuilding, but there is no excuse for how poorly this team has been playing. Derek Carr is being exposed as the game manager that he is, and I hate to say it, but he is one of the worst decision makers in the league. Good quarterbacks can win with little to no help. Derek Carr is not a good quarterback. Yeah, I said it. Josh Rosen isn’t playing great, but he has been improving recently. Both teams are ranked bottom of the league in points per game (30th and 31st). If you are sleep deprived, I suggest watching this game.

My Prediction: The Raiders and Cardinals will score nothing but field goals in the first half. After that Rosen will throw a TD to Fitzgerald and hand one off to David Johnson.

ARI 20 – OAK 10

Denver Broncos @ Las Angeles Chargers

Being from Minnesota, I witnessed a lot of what Case Keenum did last year and I really hope for the best for him in Denver, but this Chargers team is one of the best in the NFL. They hit the jackpot in the draft with safety Derwin James- he and Darius Leonard are the two frontrunners for DROY. Melvin Gordon has become a major threat as a pass catcher and Keenan Allen has started producing for my fantasy team (finally!). The Broncos defense has been average across the board. Their offense took a hit when they decided to trade away Demaryius Thomas.

My Prediction: I don’t think the average Broncos defense has the talent to keep up with all the weapons that Los Angeles brings to the field.

LAC 30 – DEN 17

Case Keenum is back to original form after a shocking 2017 season. Agree or disagree the Vikings made the right decision moving on. The Chargers have quickly emerged as one of the best in the NFL. I believe this team could go toe to toe with any other team in the league. Philip rivers finally has a total team to work with and he is not disappointing. The chargers have a top 10 offense and a top 10 defense for the first time in a decade. The Broncos are still missing a few pieces to the puzzle, and I’m not sure they have enough to hang with this Chargers team.

My Prediction: The Chargers need this win to continue to apply pressure on the Chiefs. Melvin Gordon will score twice and Keenan Allen will haul in a touchdown to help push the Chargers closer to their first playoff trip in what seems like an eternity.

LAC 30 – DEN 20

Philadelphia Eagles @ New Orleans Saints

I’ll keep this one short because I’m sure Ian has a lot to say about his birds but they’re not the team they were last year, and I think the Saints are the best team in the NFL.

My Prediction: Drew Brees completes 80% of his passes and Michael Thomas gets within 10 yards of Julio Jones’ receiving yards.

NO 45- PHI 20

Are you kidding me? We lost to the Cowboys at home. Nothing takes years off my life like being an Eagles fan does. Don’t worry Philly dads not mad, just disappointed. Have I ever picked against my birds? No. The Eagles are suffering from an extreme Super Bowl Hangover. Injuries have plagued this team especially in the run game and in their secondary. Drew Brees is playing out of his mind, smashing record after record. The Saints are the best team in the league and have the 5th ranked offense in the league. The Eagles secondary is the worst in the league, which is good for Drew Brees who would like to break Payton Mannings touchdown record before retiring. There is no evidence to support the Eagles winning this game. The Eagles will be wearing their home colors in New Orleans thanks to a solid round of golf by Doug Pederson.

My Prediction: Eagles win. I don’t know why, I don’t know how. But they do. Golden Tate gets his first touchdown in green.

PHI 34 – NO 28


Sunday Night Football
Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears

A huge NFC North matchup at Soldier Field where the winner becomes the division leader… it should come as no surprise that this game was flexed to a primetime game! Both defenses have developed into top tier defenses. Kyle Fuller has four interceptions for the Bears and Danielle Hunter is second in the league with 11.5 sacks. In addition to outstanding defensive play, both teams have QBs who have been balling out. Kirk Cousins has the most completions in the league this year with a 71.4 completion percentage. Mitch Trubisky has showed extreme growth between last year and this year and has been torching defenses with his arms and his legs.

My Prediction: This game is going to come down to the wire but the Vikings bye week and extra time to prepare and get healthy will be the difference maker in this one. It’s a tough call, but I’m going with the Vikes.

MIN 24- CHI 20

Raise your hand if you’re surprised by the Chicago Bears and their success this year! I’m not raising my had. I went On the Record at the beginning of the season and said the Bears had the potential to win the NFC North and possibly scrape their way to a Super Bowl game. The offseason additions that the Bears made quickly took them from a 7-win team to a potential 12-win team. The Vikings also made a big move this offseason by signing Kirk Cousins to be their quarterback. Cousins has played well, but the Vikings have had some struggles on both sides of the ball this season. The race for the NFC North is a tight one and this is sure to be a great game. The Bears offense and defense are both capable of scoring in bunches. Khalil Mack will force Kirk Cousins out of the pocket where he is not comfortable at all. Kirk leads the league in fumbles this year and may have a tough time against this tough Chicago pass rush.

My Prediction: Khalil Mack gets 2 sacks and a forced fumble. Kirk Cousins will throw an interception and Adam Thielen will get another 100-yard game, but the Bears defense will be too much.

CHI 27 – MIN 24

KC LAR.jpg

Monday Night Football
Kansas City Chiefs @ Las Angeles Rams

This game, originally scheduled to be played in Mexico, has been changed to now in Los Angeles. These are two of the most electric offenses in football and I expect this game to be no different- a shootout until the end. Although the Rams defense is filled with all-pro talent, they’ve allowed over 23 points per game this year. They’re 9-1 because they can outscore almost anyone. Aaron Donald has a league high 12.5 sacks, but I don’t know if they’re good enough to slow down Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and these Chiefs. Mahomes leads the league in passing yards and touchdowns this year, but Jared Goff is second in both categories. Todd Gurley has proven that he is the best running back in the game right now, but Kareem hunt has been a top five back this season as well. This game will be an extremely fun one to watch.

My Prediction: The Chiefs offense is just too much. Cooper Kupp’s injury will slow the Rams offense just enough to where the Chiefs can capitalize and outscore them. Touchdowns by Hill, Kelce and Hunt all.

KC 42- LAR 38

Potential Super Bowl preview? Ehhhh only time will tell. There’s no denying these are of the best teams in football right now. Thankfully this game was moved from Mexico and will be played right here in the US of A. Las Angeles is not known for its loyal fanbases so the fact that it’s being played there makes little difference. What this game will boil down to is defense. The Rams defense ranks significantly higher than the Chiefs in terms of yards allowed both through the air and on the ground. The Chiefs defense has shown extreme weakness through the air allowing the 5th most passing yards per game. However, the Rams will be without one of their to receivers Cooper Kupp, which could be huge.  Strap in and get ready for the gun show everyone, because this is going to be a shootout.

My Prediction: This game really could go any direction. The Chiefs offense is a lot to handle, but so is the Rams. Should be a good game, but I have to give the advantage to the home team. Advantage defense.

KC 38 – LAR 45

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