Oliver Luck Named XFL CEO and Commissioner

Oliver Luck Named XFL CEO and Commissioner

Former NCAA/NFL executive, Houston Oilers and West Virginia University quarterback, and father of Indianapolis Colts star Andrew Luck, Oliver Luck has been named the new XFL CEO and Commissioner.

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The announcement came on Tuesday from the XFL press room, with Luck making a short statement regarding his excitement of being a part of the renewed (formerly defunct) football league. “I want a fast paced, high energy, authentic, yet simpler game”. He added that the XFL has recently sent proposals to potential marks about having teams; and that the league will “bring a source of pride to their communities”.

The original XFL, which lasted one season in 2001, was spearheaded by Vince McMahon; as he stood as the face of the organization and played a similar role as his Mr. McMahon character that many had come to see on WWE programming.

This announcement makes it clear that the WWE product will have little to nothing to do with the XFL, and that McMahon will be taking a backseat from the public eye as much as possible.

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Does this separate the new version of the XFL enough from the original? The simple answer? Maybe/possibly, but no guarantees yet.

While there is no question that Luck has had plenty of success on and off the field (plus having a NFL star as a son helps too), and the XFL certainly looks and feels different than the trash TV it was in ’01; it’s still too soon to pass judgments either way. When the original XFL got a TV deal with NBC, many thought the XFL had proven itself before a single snap. As we all remember, that was far from the truth.

Basically, the public needs to learn more about the XFL. Learn about what exactly they mean by “a newer” and more “dynamic” football experience, and also what the league’s teams will not only look like – but where they will reside.

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However, the XFL is already doing better than it did the last go around. They have given themselves a full two years, since their announcement, to get the league organized. Meaning there is a greater chance for high quality football, rather than a group of amateurs playing with each other after having only 6 weeks to learn how to read a route.

We will have to see what more news will come from the XFL in the coming year.

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