Offseason Move For Every AFC Team: AFC East Edition

Offseason Move For Every AFC Team: AFC East Edition

With the Superbowl teams set, the other 30 teams in the NFL will begin making moves to improve their teams next season. Today, I’m going to list one move every AFC East team must make this offseason.

Buffalo Bills: Sign/Draft an Edge Rusher

The Bills surprised a lot of people this year going 13-3 behind Josh Allen’s fantastic play. The defense as a whole was solid, but were unable to generate consistent pressure. The team as a whole had 38 sacks, with the most by one player (5) coming from Mario Addison and AJ Klein. In a quarterback driven league, you have to be able to apply pressure, or you won’t be a championship team.

Miami Dolphins: Figure Out Your QB Situation

Another surprise from this season was the Miami Dolphins going 10-6. The defense was fantastic, and the offense looked good with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center. The problem is that they drafted rookie Tua Tagovailoa with the fifth overall pick. Tua looked….okay? He sure didn’t pop like fellow rookies Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert. I’m not big on moving off of rookie quarterbacks after one season, but the Dolphins have to decide if Tua is their guy or not.

New England Patriots: Sign/Draft Skill Players

A lot of you were probably want to see me petition for the Pats to grab a QB here, but just hear me out. This team needs skill players, and a few of them. Currently, the top two options at WR are 34 year old Julian Edelman, and Jakobi Meyers. Let’s get real about Meyers, at best he’s a number two receiver. Drafting at 15th overall means you’re not going to get a quarterback like Lawrence who can succeed despite the talent. You grab the pieces first, then maybe get your guy next year.

New York Jets: Sign/Draft Skill Players

It looks like the Jets are going to give Sam Darnold another season, or they’re going to trade for Deshaun Watson. Either way, Jamison Crowder can’t be your clear cut number one receiver, and you have to get a good running back. Denzel Mims looks like he can develop into a solid player, Herndon is good when he’s healthy/not suspended, which is rare. Overall, like the Patriots, this roster needs an influx of talent this offseason.

This will be a series of articles with me going division to division leading up to the 2021 NFL Draft.

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