Odell Beckham Jr Free Agency: Everything We Know So Far

Odell Beckham Jr Free Agency: Everything We Know So Far

Odell was not happy with his amount of targets from Baker Mayfield. This led Odell Beckham Sr. dad releases video of every time Odell was wide open or overthrown. In total the video was over 11 minutes long. That lead to his release from the Cleveland Browns. This is Odell Beckham Jr Free Agency: Everything we know so far.

Whatever new team he signs with won’t be on the hook for the $4.5 million he is owed for the rest of this season, the Cleveland Browns will pay that. Odell gets to double dip and make two paychecks. This means he will likely be willing to take a deal in the ballpark of $2-$3 million to finish out the year. Then he would become a free agent again at the end of the season.

Free agency officially opened for him at 4:00 PM eastern time Tuesday. the first report that came out was that he was going to make the Green Bay Packers his top priority. Given that he isn’t signed already I’m going to assume things didn’t go well with them.


There are eight teams who have reached out to his representation. New England, New Orleans, Seattle, Las Vegas, Green Bay, Kansas City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles (AFC). On the flip side, Detroit, Tampa Bay, and Jacksonville have all said they are out on the Beckham Jr. race.

Players across the league have been trying to recruit him to their team both in public and in private. Green Bay WR Davonte Adams and Seattle QB Russell Wilson are at the top of that list. The Press conferences for all teams are involved are nothing but OBJ talk.


The only issue with the Packers is that they reportedly only offered him a veterans league minimum deal. That seems more like a PR move so that when he signs somewhere else they can at least said they tried. Let’s be real though, they didn’t.

The Saints make the most sense right now. He would be going home to Louisiana and he would be the clear cut number one target. The only hurdle is that he doesn’t have a proven QB to throw him the ball.

The Patriots came in and made a strong push for him yesterday afternoon, as reported by Jordan Schultz. Mac Jones may be unproven but the Patriots are five plays away from an 8-1 record right now and they are very much in the hunt for the AFC East title.

Before the report came out that New England was making a strong push, Kansas City was in the final three with New Orleans and Green Bay. Seattle has also made a pitch to his team. Other than that they have been silent in all of this. Baltimore, Los Angeles and Las Vegas have all been rumors with no actual backing.


If Beckham Jr and his camp are going to take a few days to figure this all out, then the slate of games on Sunday could be very important. OBJ’s eyes will be glued to all these games if he hasn’t signed with a team yet. Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks travel to the frozen tundra to face the Green Bay Packers. No word yet on who will play QB for the Packers just yet. The Patriots look to maul the Browns, who OBJ just left. The Saints travel to Tennessee to play the red hot Titans. The Ravens should take an easy win against the Miami Dolphins.

Odell Beckham Jr Free Agency is sure to be a wild ride until the end.

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