Nylander Rumors Continue

Nylander Rumors Continue

The William Nylander saga continues in Toronto as the Maple Leafs are asking teams for their best offers for the young Forward.

Nylander, 22, was drafted in the 2014 NHL Draft 8th Overall by Toronto and has 48 goals, and 87 assists in 185 games played with the organization.

Toronto and Nylander need to indicate an agreement made in terms of an extension, or whether he will be traded to another team by December 1st, or Nylander will miss the rest of the season; possibly leading him to finish the season in Europe or Russia.

Comparable contracts that have been mentioned are Nikolaj Ehlers’ seven year, $42 million, David Pastrnak’s six year, $40 million, and Leon Draisaitl’s eight year, $64 million.

Rumors are that the Nylander group is aiming for an $8.5 million a year ball park, while Toronto is shooting more somewhere in the $6 million a year.

A likely deal, if one is agreed upon, could be seven years, $49 million.

A huge piece to this is also the fact that Auston Matthews, and Mitch Marner both can wait for their extensions until season is over, Nylander can not.

Although Matthews is expected to be paid higher than Marner, and Nylander, rightfully so, Nylander does not want to sign a deal with Toronto and find out that Marner received a better deal.


This would make William Nylander trade bait for the future, especially if his contract is in fact somewhere in the $6 million a year range.

There are two options Toronto has.

Sign an extension with Nylander, or trade him.

If traded, an agreement would need to be in place between the team and Nylander, eliminating any contenders tight in cap space.

Along with this, if Toronto were to trade Nylander, I would expect them to be attempting to add depth on Defense as that is their weakest part of the line up right now.

There are five trade locations that come to mind that could be a good fit for Nylander.


The Flyers are off to a slow start, could use an offensive spark like Nylander, and also have several Defenseman that Toronto would be interested in such as Shayne Gostisbehere, and Ivan Provorov; along with prospects such as Sanheim, and Myers.


Like Philadelphia, Carolina could use Nylander’s offensive ability, and have Defenseman such as Jaccob Slavin, Brett Pesce, and Justin Faulk.


The Ducks have depth on Defense, but could use some fresh young legs up front.

Cam Fowler, Brandon Montour, and Josh Manson are all Defenseman that could be traded.

Los Angeles:

The Kings are off to about as bad a start as possible.

An aging offense desperately needs young talent like Nylander, however I’m not sure the Kings even have any players Toronto would be interested in trading for.


Backed by an aging Eric Staal, and Mikko Koivu, the Wild could also use Nylander.

Although with the start they are off to I’m not sure any change is necessary right now.

Maybe Matt Dumba, and Jared Spurgeon could interest the Maple Leafs.

Time is winding down on the Maple Leafs, and Nylander, it will be interesting to see what happens come December.

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