Nuggets’ Jokic Fined for Phrasing

Nuggets’ Jokic Fined for Phrasing

Denver Nuggets center, and Serbian national, Nikola Jokić has been fined $25,000 by the NBA for using what the league has deemed to be derogatory and offensive language.

Kiki VanDeWeghe, Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations, announced Wednesday (November-7) that the postgame comment was made during an interview follwing the Nuggets 108-107 overtime win over the Chicago Bulls on October 31st.

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So what sort of despicable dribble was released from this non-native speaker’s mouth? While discussing Bulls Forward Wendell Carter Jr.’s physical size on the court, Jokić said this:
“He’s lon—huh, no homo, he’s longer than you expect,”

A joke that has fallen out of favor since the early 2000s is now cause for a $25,000 fine. The Association is going to do what the Association does, but it should be noted that non-native English speakers tend to use older slang that they may have picked up on when first learning the language.

Next time Nikola wants to discuss an opposing player’s… um.. length… perhaps he should should just rip a page from Sterling Archer’s playbook. “Uhm, phrasing?”

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