Now Batting, #99, Aaron Judge, #99.

Now Batting, #99, Aaron Judge, #99.

The average height of a basketball player is 6-foot 6-inches. The average weight of a football linebacker is 245 pounds. Aaron Judge, from the New York Yankees measures 6-foot 7-inches and weighs in at 282 pounds.

Now it seems as though the phenom outfielder could be the new lead off hitter for the Yankees this coming season, at least, part time.


As the regular season draws closer teams start to narrow down their 25-man rosters and start to think about pitching rotations and batting orders, and the baby bombers are finding themselves in a unique situation.

The American League Rookie of the Year led the AL in home runs (52) and strikeouts (208) last season. While he does not quite seem like the ideal leadoff hitter, he did accumulate 127 walks, and maintain a .422 on-base percentage.

Boone seems to be flirting with every possibility at this point in the season, as well as moving Greg Bird up to the leadoff spot, on days that Brett Gardner is out.
“I’m not obsessed with it. . . every now and then I start daydreaming a little bit about what makes the most sense,” Stated Boone, when asked if Judge really would be in the lead off spot part-time.

Stanton and Judge

There is no question that Boone must be dreaming a lot when it comes to the Bombers lineup. Giancarlo Stanton, Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird, Aaron Judge, and Brett Gardner combined, posted 174 home runs,  a .259 batting average, and a .399 OBP.

“You can shuffle this lineup up and put ‘em anywhere and it’s going to be a good lineup,” Judge said of the Yankees club.

The one thing for certain going into the season is that wherever Judge and Stanton are, there will be a left-hander between them, which Boone has said he really likes the idea of. This was visible in the lineup on Tuesday on the Yankees 7-2 win over Detroit in the Grapefruit League.


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