North to South: IMPACT and Canal 52MX Announce New Television Deal to Broadcast IMPACT Wrestling

North to South: IMPACT and Canal 52MX Announce New Television Deal to Broadcast IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling continues its rapidly-increasing momentum as it has announced that it has signed a new television deal in Mexico.

It has been announced and confirmed today that IMPACT Wrestling has signed a Mexican TV deal to be broadcasted on 52MX, a Mexican Cable TV channel, on Saturday nights.  This is a significant move for the promotion, as it has now expanded its broadcasting range back into Mexico.  Prior to this, IMPACT’s main presence came from their affiliates AAA, CMLL and The Crash, through joint promotional matches.

IMPACT had previously broadcasted in Mexico in prior years, under their former TNA moniker but ultimately lost the rights due to declining finances and cost-cutting measures.  With this deal, the promotion stands to gain a significant amount of exposure in Mexico. As 52MX is a fairly big channel, it will be broadcasting CMLL replays and Arena Mexico/Coliseo shows as well as Lucha Libre Elite shows.

IMPACT continues to increase their momentum under the Anthem banner, which has seen a resurgence of sorts from the company.  Overseen by Don Callis, Scott D’Amore and Ed Nordhelm, IMPACT has allowed for affiliation with numerous promotions. This has allowed for a “revolving door” policy to take place among the wrestlers within the partnership, along with their own streaming service (Global Wrestling Network) and a now-established presence on  Along with a new-found look and an increased focus on presentation and production value, it seems that IMPACT is rising from the ashes of its former failed ventures. In its place, there is a rising phoenix that looks to regain the trust of the fan-base it once soured in recent years.


IMPACT Wrestling airs on POP! on Thursdays weekly at 8PM in the USA.


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