No Harper, No Problem

No Harper, No Problem

Deep in the heart of Metro Philadelphia, Phillies star right fielder, Bryce Harper, ponders on what could have been for him in the Nation’s Capital. That is because the Washington Nationals are one win away from their first World Series Appearance. 

It was a love story gone wrong for Harper in D.C. He was beloved there. His name was on the majority of jerseys of Nationals fans. His punky, full throttle personality was embraced. He was the first born son of this young franchise and he even proclaimed his love for the team saying, “I’ll be back” at the end of the 2018 season. But a sudden change of heart quickly turned his motives into looking for the biggest payday. He found this payday right off route 95 in Pennsylvania at Citizens Bank Park. An unfortunate ending for Nationals fans, however, they did not have time to dwell on the departure of their son. Because believe it or not, 

They became much better.

And Maybe Bryce Harpers not all he’s hyped up to be.

Photo: New York Post

I cannot get enough of this Nationals team. They flew under the radar all season long in build up for a fabulous run so far in the postseason. What’s most impressive is the resiliency of this team starting with their wild card win against the Milwaukee Brewers. Down 3-1 in the bottom of the 8th, this lethal lineup saved its best work for last, with a 3 run inning capped off by a Juan Soto double.

They weren’t supposed to do that. Not against that team. Eric Thames and Josh Hader. No way could the Nationals win. 

But they did. 

The following series they shocked the world by defeating the 106 win L.A Dodgers. Yet again, they saved the best for last, hitting a grand slam in extra innings during the series’ decisive game in L.A. 

This series against the Cardinals however has been nothing short of paramount. Up 3-0, they are in uncharted waters being in the lead. Seeing how they handle this is an intriguing factor. This team is not a classic “get hot at the right time” underdog. They are fervently and earnestly talented. 

Led by veteran, future Hall of Famer, Max Scherzer, the Nationals have a proud pitching rotation. Scherzer is followed up by Strasburg, Corbin, and Sanchez. Steven Strasburg has been specifically spectacular, posting a 1.62 ERA in 22 innings pitched. 

Position player wise, Juan Soto is a special talent. He’s 20 years young and had an astonishing 30-100 season. Many have called him the next Mike Trout. Although high praise, he’s lived up to the hype in every way. 

So as the Nationals prepare for the sweep tonight against the Cardinals, just remember one thing. This used to be Bryce Harper’s team. He was supposed to bring the Nationals to the promised land. With the Phillies completely missing the playoffs, Washington misses him not one bit. No Harper, no problem for the Nationals as they prepare for a World Series Birth.

Photo Credit: New York Post, CBS Sports

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