No 2020-21 NHL Season?

No 2020-21 NHL Season?

According to Emily Kaplan and Greg Wyshynsky of ESPN, a part of the owners believe the NHL would be better off financially skipping 2020-21 as a whole instead of playing in front of empty arenas.

While many fans are going to be quick to shoot this idea down, it would give the NHL the opportunity to return to their regular 82 game seasons beginning in 2021-22.

However, commissioner Gary Bettman has claimed this would cause more harm than good to the sport long term, and seems against the idea.

The NHL will have to get creative if they want to have a good season this year since unlike other leagues, they have a lot of Canadian teams. We know that the Canadian government is against the idea of giving privileges to sporting leagues considering the MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays did not get to play in Toronto this season.

This problem could be solved by going back to the bubble format and playing around with divisions, forming one Canadian bubble. However, a lot of players across the league have expressed their frustrations towards the whole process and do not want to be put in the same position again.

While the players may want to play hockey this year, it may become an easier path to take a season off. This situation would resemble a lock out, and players would be able to play elsewhere, like in Europe.

The league will have a lot of decisions to make heading into the season and we will keep updating as more information becomes available.

Picture source : USAToday

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