Night 18 of the NJPW G1 Climax 30: Results and Scores

Night 18 of the NJPW G1 Climax 30: Results and Scores

It’s the final night of block competition, as Block B competes to find its finalist. A great G1 Season is just about over, but the ride throughout the way has been worth it. Three men are left in Block B to compete with the Block A winner, Kota Ibushi. EVIL, SANADA, and Naito all compete to try and take the win and make it to the G1 Final!

The opening match would see the final of the unofficial C Block, as Yuya Uemura faced Gabriel Kidd. While Yota Tsuji has already clinched the C Block, these two would be fighting for the honor of second. Gabriel had the win loss disadvantage going in at 3-2 against Yuya. The two seemed to be on even grounds on the wrestling front. Yuya escaped a test of strength, working over the left arm again. His fantastic wrist control over Gabriel kept the British native grounded, wrapping a keylock on the arm. A rope break would allow Gabriel some relief, going onto the offensive on Yuya’s leg. Gabriel was able to keep transitioning holds, at one point locking in a butterfly lock, while having Yuya’s legs caught. The two would then move to blows, with Yuya taking Gabriel down with a huge forearm strike. But Gabriel would catch Yuya off the ropes with a dropkick, allowing him to hit his Butterfly Suplex, and take the win. That would finish the two at an even 11 points apiece, and head to head record as well.

 Block B would kick off with YOSHI-HASHI taking on Chaos stablemate Turo Yano.  YOSHI was allowed to check Yano himself for any extra items on his person, finding four separate rolls of tape. The match began and Yano was able to take YOSHI down with a shoulder tackle. It wasn’t long for Yano to go remove the turnbuckle pad, but would find himself on the receiving end of getting hit with it once the referee went down. Yoshi would drag Yano outside the ring, spraying him in the eyes with disinfectant spray and taping Yano up through the barricade to his bow staff. It was apparent that Yoshi wanted the win, and would use Yano’s on antics before Yano could use them himself. Despite the taping, Yano was able to make it back to the ring before the count out, and was forced to remove Yoshi’s bow staff from his forearm before continuing. Yano would rake YOSHI’s eyes and try a behind the back low blow, but YOSHI side stepped the oncoming cheap shot. When YOSHI tried to return the favor, the ref caught him in the act, stopping him before he could. While the ref was distracted with that, Yano would try for the third low blow, but Yoshi caught his arm between his legs, and rolled Yano up, able to collect his second win of the G1!

The second would feature Hirooki Goto vs Juice Robinson. When the bell rang, the two ran straight at each other, colliding into each other mid ring. The two stood their ground and starting exchanging forearms. Juice would be the first one to take Goto down with a shoulder tackle, but Goto was able to keep things even with a hip toss. Getting to the floor, Juice was able to throw Goto shoulder first into the ringpost. The injured and taped up shoulder was a target for Juice to attack. Goto would dodge a charge and took Juice down with a backdrop suplex, nursing his shoulder right afterwards. While Goto was able to drop Juice with a bulldog, Juice would pop back and get right back onto the shoulder and hit his senton. A cannonball laid Goto out and Juice rallied the crowd, getting them to stomp and clap.  Juice would hit Goto with a superplex and tried to go for his jackhammer. Goto fought through and managed to hit a neckbreaker, collapsing afterward. Three collisions of clotheslines rocked them both, but Juice caught the Ushigoroshi from Goto. Both would look for their finisher, both would be denied. Goto would take a huge right hand, but as Juice went for a Pulp Friction and instead got locked into a sleeper. The two would have counters for each other, and Juice was able to land two Left Hands of God and finished Goto off with a Pulp Friction.

The third match would have Hiroshi Tanahashi take on Zack Sabre Jr. The two feuded over the summer in their respective tag teams over the summer. Zack had attacked Tanahashi’s knee for the majority of that summer, getting the better of him for most of their encounters. The two locked up and Zack would try to roll up Tanahashi three separate times, keeping the pace quick against the older wrestler. But Tanahashi was able to use his superior strength to keep Zack down with a headlock. Zack would eventually slide out, twisting Tana’s neck and then wringing in a headscissors. Tanahashi tried to escape the headscissors, but Zack would twist the neck once again and wrap on the headscissors on once again.  With Zack targeting the neck, the two would exchange submissions. Zack was able to escape Tanahashi’s roll up into a triangle choke. Tanahashi would escape, and once again the two exchanged submissions, with Tanahashi going for the Texas Cloverleaf, and Zack with the triangle choke. It was Tanhashi’s dropkick to the knee that changed the outlook of the match. With Zack’s taped up knee a target, Zach attempted to put Tanahashi away with a guillotine, that Tana was able to turn into a Twist and Shout. Tanahashi went to the top rope for the High Fly Flow, but as he landed Zack would attempt to roll it up into an armbar. Tanahashi would roll with the reversal, though, wrapping Zack up in a tight pin for the win.

Naito needs to win and EVIL must lose or draw for Naito to make it to the final

Or, Naito can draw and EVIL must lose to for Naito to make the final

The fourth match would have one man who was gunning for the G1 Final. Tetsuya Naito would try to make it to the G1 Final, but his first step would be to get through KENTA. There was bad blood between the two, when KENTA attack Naito right after he had won the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental title. While Naito had successfully defended the double titles against KENTA, the two were definitely still sour with the other. Now KENTA had another chance to spoil history and the fans hope. KENTA would tell Naito to hurry up when he was removing his entrance gear, just to slide out of the ring when the bell rang.  When KENTA returned, he attempted a roll up on Naito, but he kicked out and rolled out of the ring as well. While outside, he looked over at LIJ stablemate Hiromu Takahashi, who was doing commentary for the whole show. Finally, the two locked up, with neither getting any real advantage. It was Naito’s quick offense that saw him hit a flying headscissors, sending KENTA out of the ring. KENTA would use some tactical retreats to his advantage, entering and leaving the ring, calling for the ref to back up Naito. This allowed KENTA to sneakily hide his briefcase ringside, and when Naito finally had enough playing around, he pushed the ref aside to get his hands on KENTA. That is wen KENTA grabbed the briefcase and slammed it atop Naito’s head. From there, it was KENTA’s match, switching between hard kicks and shoulder/ neck submissions. Naito wasn’t out of the fight, catching a kick and hitting KENTA with a neckbreaker. Naito started to settle into a groove, aiming his offense at KENTA’s neck, which would set up the Destino.  KENTA was able to stop Naito dead in his tracks when he drove Naito throat first onto the top rope. Naito had seemed to be comfortable to let the match drag on, as he both recovered from the briefcase shot, as well as could let it go to a draw, and take the single point. But as KENTA was taking over on offense, he seemed to get more desperate as time passed. A poison rana saw Naito start getting back into the match, as he began raining down hard elbows to the back of KENTA’s neck. A Frankenstiner lead into Gloria, and Naito looked to put KENTA away with a Destino, but KENTA would halt a charging Naito with a draping DDT. A running knee laid Naito out, yet he’d manage to slip out of the Go to Sleep. KENTA would send a barrage of hard slaps to stun Naito, setting up for another Go to Sleep. It would be reversed into an improvised Destino, allowing Naito to start to rally. Naito would try for a full Destino, but KENTA would block it. The two began to exchange blows, and Naito would hit a Valenti’a. Naito would set up for Destino once more, but KENTA rolled up Naito into an inside cradle for the three count! Naito was eliminated from the G1 Final!

Evil moves onto the Final with a Win or a draw

SANADA moves onto the final with a win

The main event of the final Block B show would determine its finalist. The once tag team partners in LIJ, who went on to win World Tag League twice and he IWGP Tag titles twice, would now face off for the first time against each other since EVIL betrayed LIJ. SANADA hadn’t beaten EVIL in singles competition in three years, and Bullet Club EVIL was a new breed. Of course, Dick Togo would join EVIL at ringside, who has played a role in EVIL’s victories throughout the G1. The bell rang and EVIL immediately exited the ring. EVIL approached Hiromu, who EVIL defeated in his one defense with the Double titles, and put up a Too Sweet for him. Hiromu didn’t flinch at EVIL, fake smiling and giving him a thumbs up. Finally, EVIL got into the ring, and tried to hit SANADA with a quick Everything is Evil. SANADA was able to escape, and locked in a quick Skull End, but EVIL escaped as well. When they went at it again, SANADA would have EVIL in the center of the ring, but he was tripped up by Togo. EVIL was able to spill SANADA to the floor, and EVIL was able to suplex SANADA onto a pile of chairs. Once SANADA got back into the ring, EVIL slammed down SANADA with a powerslam, EVIL would send SANADA again and grabbed the ref, which allowed Togo to run SANADA into the barricade. Back into the ring, EVIL locked in a half crab, but SANADA fought to the ropes. Fighting back, SANADA would hit a dropkick and Palanche, trying to bring the fight to EVIL. SANADA then sent Togo into the ring, locking him into a Paradise lock in the corner. When EVIL reentered the ring, SANADA locked EVIL in the paradise lock next to Togo, leaving the two tied up in the corner, before dropkicking them both. SANADA tried to hit a TKO onto EVIL, but an eye gouge allowed EVIL to escape. Despite EVIL’s attempts, SANADA was able to mislead EVIL and hit a missile dropkick to stay on top. SANADA try for Skull End again, which EVIL fought through, but then fell victim to SANADA’s rope assisted Magic Killer. SANADA would lock in Skull End again, wearing EVIL down. That would allow SANADA to climb to the top rope and go for his Moonsault, but EVIL rolled out of the way. EVIL would move to an exposed turnbuckle, which he whipped SANADA into. EVIL would set SANADA onto the top turnbuckle, and slammed him down with a superplex. EVIL would follow through with a scorpion deathlock, forcing SANADA to fight to the ropes. Hitting Darkness Falls, EVIL would try to put the match away with Evertything is Evil, but SANADA sidestepped and managed to hit the TKO. With less then 10 minutes left to go, a time limit draw would not be good enough for SANADA to make it to the G1 Final. SANADA would charge EVIL, flipping into the Skull End. SANADA would keep it locked in as long as he could, until he sensed EVIL was out. SANADA headed to the top rope and hit his moonsault on EVIL’s back, before flipping him over and hitting another one. Just as the ref got to “two”, Togo dragged the ref out of the ring to stop the count, and then attacked SANADA with a chair. EVIL and Togo hit a Magic Killer on Togo, but it was Hiromu from the commentary table that came in to save the day, kicking Togo in the face to even the odds for his stablemate. But Evil hit the low blow on Hiromu, and Togo and EVIL hit Hiromu with a Magic Killer to be rid of him. Togo exited the ring, rolling the ref back in as EVIL laid SADANA out with a lariat. EVIL tried Everything is EVIL once more, to have SANADA side step once again. EVIL would grab the ref and turn him around, backing everyone to the ropes. Togo would jump onto the apron and start choking SANADA out, only to receive another kick from Hiromu. SANADA repositioned and managed to drag EVIL down with a surprise O’Connor roll up for the victory!

Block A: Final Score

  • Jay White: 12 points
  • Kota Ibushi: 14 points
  • Minoru Suzuki: 6 Points
  • Taichi: 8 Points
  • Kazuchica Okada: 12 points
  • Shingo Takagi: 8 points
  • Tomohiro Ishii: 8 points
  • Jeff Cobb: 8 points
  • Will Ospreay: 12 points
  • Yujiro Takahashi: 2 points

Block B:  Final Score

  • EVIL: 12 points
  • Hirooki Goto: 8 points
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi: 8 points
  • Juice Robinson: 8 points
  • KENTA: 10 points
  • SANADA: 12 points
  • Tetsuya Naito: 12 points
  • Toru Yano: 6 points
  • YOSHI-HASHI: 4 points
  • Zack Sabre Jr.: 10 points

Unoffical “Block C” Final Score

  • Yuya Uemura: 11 points
  • Yuta Tsuji: 14 points
  • Gabriel Kidd: 9 points

SANADA defies all odds by winning his six matches after starting 0-3 to win Block B. now, with less than 24 hours to recover, he faces off in the G1 Final to crown our G1 winner in Kota Ibushi. With one last night to go, who will “Be the One” that we crown at the G1 Final. It’s all down to two men, who can make their destiny their own.

Featured Image Credit: Matthew Boyce/Game Changer Sports Network

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