NHL Stadium Series Absolute Failure

NHL Stadium Series Absolute Failure

Last night the NHL Stadium Series Game took place between the Colorado Avalanche, and the Los Angeles Kings at the Air Force Academy in Colorado, which saw Los Angeles snag a 3-1 victory over Colorado.

This was by far one the coolest outdoor venues the NHL has used, however completely failed at delivering a successful event.

For starters, roughly half the fans only saw the third period due to heavy traffic, and poor parking coordination.

During the first intermission show, a line of car lights can be seen in the background sitting in traffic waiting to enter the stadium parking lot.

On top of this, once in the stadium, merchandise, and concession stands quickly ran out of supplies and were forced to close leaving a tremendous amount of paying fans dissatisfied.

Following the game, fans sat in traffic upwards of four to five hours after a disappointing event.

Worst of all at roughly 11:00 PM local time a man fell to his death from a bridge at the North Gate of the stadium while he was walking to his car.

This year’s Stadium Series had tremendous meaning due to the history, and significance of the location; however the NHL completely failed in planning for a crowd of this magnitude at Falcon Stadium, which led to a failure of an outdoor game, and even the death of one person due to terrible organization.

Photo Source: http://www.usatoday.com

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3 thoughts on “NHL Stadium Series Absolute Failure

  1. How is the USAFA able to host multiple sold out football games in the same stadium with near zero issues, yet this game was a complete disaster? I have yet to see an explanation of that.

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