NHL Power Rankings Week 16

NHL Power Rankings Week 16

Things are definitely getting interesting in the NHL as we head into the All-Star Weekend.

Here is how the top ten teams in the NHL stack up at the moment.

10. Montreal Canadiens:

After going 6-4-0 in their last ten games, the Canadiens sit third in the Atlantic Division two points ahead of Boston, and just one point behind the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Montreal will look to continue to remain in the top three of the Atlantic Division when they take on the New Jersey Devils on February 2nd.

9. Pittsburgh Penguins:

Pittsburgh currently sits in fourth place of the Metropolitan Division, however they are only four points behind the New York Islanders who are in first in the Metropolitan Division.

The Penguins are 6-4-0 in their last ten games and will take on the New Jersey Devils on January 28th as they look to hit a hot streak after the All-Star break.

8. Toronto Maple Leafs:

Toronto has fallen in the power rankings yet another week in a row.

After being one of the top teams in the league week after week, the Maple Leafs have hit a rough patch, going 4-6-0 in their last ten games.

It appears it is easier for Toronto to win on the road then it is at home with a home record of 14-11-1, and a road record of 16-6-1.

With teams like Boston, and Montreal both with playoff hopes, Toronto better find answers to their problems soon or they could see their spot in the Atlantic Division vanish quickly.

7. Vegas Golden Knights:

Vegas has lost back to back games, however they are third in the Pacific Division with a record of 29-19-4.

Last night’s 2-1 home loss to the Nashville Predators is the only reason they are in this spot and not in sixth.

Although they lost last night at home, Vegas does not need to improve at home, but they do need to on the road as they are currently 13-13-1.

6. Nashville Predators:

The Predators are chasing the Winnipeg Jets this season for the Central Division.

Nashville and Winnipeg are tied at 64 points a piece for first in the division, with the Predators coming off back to back wins, and are 6-3-1 in their last ten games.

Watch out for Nashville, this team is deep and have acquired some experience in being a contender for the past few seasons.

5. New York Islanders:

Yes, the New York Islanders are in the top five heading into the All-Star break.

The Islanders are 7-2-1 in their last ten games, and are currently first in the Metropolitan Division ahead of Columbus, Washington, and Pittsburgh.

Impressingly, the Islanders can win at home and on the road.

At home New York is 14-7-3, on the road the Islanders are 15-8-2.

New York will take on the Tampa Bay Lightning February 1st in what will be a huge test for the Islanders.

4. Winnipeg Jets:

The Jets are 7-3-0 in their last ten games, and are third in the Western Conference.

With the fourth best power play in the league, Winnipeg has proven to be a dangerous offensive team this season.

Winnipeg also boasts an impressive 18-6-2 home record, and a 13-9-0 road record.

3. San Jose Sharks:

After going 7-3-0 in their last ten games, the Sharks are second in the Western Conference, behind division foe Calgary by six points.

The Sharks are 17-4-4 at home, however are just 12-12-3 on the road.

Imagine how dangerous this team would be if their road record was as good as their home record?

2. Calgary Flames:

Calgary currently sits five points behind league leader Tampa Bay.

However, Calgary is first in the Pacific Division and Western Conference.

The Flames have gone 8-1-1 in their last ten games, and will look to continue their strong season after the All-Star break against the Washington Capitals on February 1st.

1. Tampa Bay Lightning:

Another week down, another week the Tampa Bay Lightning are first in the power rankings.

With a record of 37-10-2, the Lightning are first in the NHL with 76 points.

The Lightning are 20-5-0 at home, are 17-5-2 on the road, and have a league best goal differential of plus-59.

It really is hard to imagine a team beating Tampa Bay in a best of seven games series.

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