No Gamer Left Behind: Easter Charity Event

No Gamer Left Behind: Easter Charity Event

This Easter, GCSN has partnered up with Player 2 Connected and The Noodle Clan to present to you: No Gamer Left Behind! No Gamer Left Behind is a 24 hour charity Easter stream on Twitch. All proceeds earned from this event will be donated directly to the Northampton Education Foundation’s Kid’s Closet. This program provides basic things the children are unable to afford, such as socks and underwear. (A full table will be posted below.) Over 35% of children in this school district live in poverty and can use any assistance they can get.

Easter Charity Poster

My name is Adam Craith, a co-host of Ringside Roundup and founder of Player 2 Connected. Since the very beginning of this amazing journey, my goal has always been to give back. After finding a team of like-minded individuals on GCSN and Twitch alike, we’ve been working tirelessly to make that a reality. So we’re very, very proud to announce this Easter Charity Event. Starting at midnight EST and ending a full 24 hours later, No Gamer Left Behind serves a dual purpose.

  1. No one should EVER have to spend a holiday without being surrounded by loved ones. With over a dozen streamers bringing you family friendly content around the clock, we hope to be a home for anyone that doesn’t have one. We’re all in this crazy thing called life together, so when you’re with us, you’re Always Connected.
  2. Charity! Every single penny we earn from this event goes directly to the Kid’s Closet. Whether that money comes from subscriptions, bits (tips), direct donations, or our limited edition event shirt, it’s all going to the children.
Easter Charity Price Points

For more information about Player 2 Connected, you can visit our Facebook Page or hop in our Discord Server for a full breakdown of the day’s festivities. GCSN’s time block is from 10:30am EST to 12PM, but we have many other wonderful people streaming that day. I’d like to send a big thank you to the folks at GCSN for not only being apart of this, but helping me every step of the day. We hope to see you on Easter, because when you’re with us, you’ll Stay Connected.

Photo Credits: IcyFllames of Player 2 Connected

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