NFL Week 3 Power Rankings

NFL Week 3 Power Rankings

The 2nd week of the NFL season has come to a close and with it, comes the GCSN NFL Power Rankings! Remember this is based off this seasons performance! This will be a new article that will be a weekly thing going forward will feature me ranking every NFL team from the best to worst, or in this weeks instance, Kansas City to Buffalo. I’d like to thank my fellow analysts here at GCSN for helping me put this list together! Lets get to it!

1.     KC     Kansas City Chiefs (2-0) Division Rank: 1st in AFC West

Patrick Mahomes is this years Deshaun Watson, minus some of the turnovers. He has more TD’s in the first two games of the season than any QB ever. He has put on a show in both games, his offense seems to have full confidence in him and they seem to have a lot of chemistry. Only thing to note is that the defense has allowed 28 points and and 37 points respectively. One can’t expect the offense to score 6 TDs every game, so that defense is going to need to step up in order to continue this success

2.     LA      Los Angeles Rams (2-0) Division Rank: 1st in NFC West

After all the trades and signings that this team made in the offseason, expectations were sky high, and with 2 weeks in the books, they have not disappointed. The defense has been dominant, Todd Gurley has been very impressive, and Jared Goff has proved he has practiced getting better at his decision making. They held the Cardinals to a grand total of zero 22. points and this team is in prime position for a Super Bowl run.

3.     JAX      Jacksonville Jaguars (2-0) Division Rank: 1st in AFC South

Jalen Ramsey said that Gronk was good, not great before this game. If his stats were any indication, he wasn’t wrong. Gronk finished with 2 catches for 15 yards. Now, before the Pats fans come and yell, I know that Gronk is one of the best TE’s of all time, this is more leaning towards how impressive Jacksonville’s defense is. They look to continue their dominance from last year

4.     MIN      Minnesota Vikings (1-0-1) Division Rank: 2nd in NFC North

Kirk Cousins has been very impressive in a Vikings uniform. He tossed 4 TDs in their Week 2 tie against Green Bay and hasn’t made to many mistakes. With their defense being top 5 in every category the last couple years, Minnesota seems primed to be a force to be reckoned with for a long time in the NFC.

5.     TB      Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-0) Division Rank: 1st in NFC South

If anyone told me that Tampa Bay would be a top 5 team after Week 2 of the NFL season, I would have laughed in their face. You know what they say though, “any given Sunday.” The biggest story out of this is the fact that their doing this with Ryan Fitzmagic as their QB. It remains to be seen if this is just a fluke or whether they are the real deal, but through 2 weeks, they have been one of the best teams in the NFL

6.     GB      Green Bay Packers (1-0-1) Division Rank: 1st in NFC North

Is Aaron Rodgers human? The guy gets sacked in Week 1, limps off the field, comes back and rallies the troops to a victory. This week, he played with a brace on and was definitely limited. The ending result, a tie, probably wasn’t what either team wanted, but it gave Green Bay a fighting chance in the NFC North, with games against Washington and Buffalo in the coming weeks, it might be smart of GB to sit the star QB for a couple weeks to get some healing on that knee.

7.     NE      New England Patriots (1-1) Division Rank 2nd in AFC East

New England seems to have a bad game during the start of every season and everyone seems to overreact and count them out. Well, rest assured, Tom Brady should not retire. They played a close game against Jacksonville, who arguably have the best defense in the NFL, and shellshocked the Texans. With the Josh Gordon trade bringing in another talented wideout for TB12, they look get back on track in Week 3.

8.      DEN     Denver Broncos (2-0) Division Rank: 2nd in AFC West

Von Miller sure is a difference maker. He solely won their game against Seattle Week 1, and continued to be impressive in Week 2. Case Keenum has done what he was expected to do and managed the game enough to secure victories. As long as their defense stays as consistent as it has been, they should be in the hunt going forward.

9.     CIN      Cincinnati Bengals (2-0) Division Rank: 1st in AFC North

Before this season started, one could have argued this team wouldn’t win at all this season. After finishing 7-9 last season, extending Marvin Lewis who was expected to be on his way out, the expectations were low. It does not take 20/20 vision to tell that they have exceeded those expectations so far, and hopefully they continue to do so.


10.      MIA     Miami Dolphins (2-0) Division Rank : 1st in AFC East

One of the surprises of the season so far, Miami is in first place of the AFC East. Granted its Week 2, and that isn’t expected to stay the same as long as Tom Brady plays in their division, but its a positive to build off of. They have been one of the most consistent teams in all 3 phases of the game.

11.     CHI      Chicago Bears (1-1) Division Rank: 3rd in NFC North

It’s funny how one trade can change how people see a team. This Bears team was expected to compete with Detroit for last in the division, but after the Khalil Mack trade, they are right in the middle of things with arguably the best defense in football through 2 weeks. If they can keep this up, and Trubisky can cut down on the turnovers, there is no reason they should not continue to win.

12.     LAC      Los Angeles Chargers (1-1) Division Rank: 3rd in AFC West

Phillip Rivers has enjoyed one of the best starts to a season in his career, they haven’t had as many injuries compared to previous years, and their defense has been really consistent, without Joey Bosa in the lineup with a foot injury.

13.      SF.png     San Francisco 49ers (1-1) Division Rank: 2nd in NFC West

Don’t let that Week 1 loss fool you. This Niners team is for real. They have upgraded in almost every position compared to last year. Sure, they lost their starting RB before the season and had some people banged up after Week 1, but they pulled out a win against Detroit. If Jimmy G can get his accuracy under control, that should be good for some more W’s.

14.      ATL     Atlanta Falcons (1-1) Division Rank: 2nd in NFC South

Atlanta has been one of the best teams in the NFL since Dan Quinn became their head coach, and after a close loss to Philly, and a close win against Carolina, they expect that to continue. As long as Matt Ryan can play at an elite level going forward, and their defense can step up, they should have no problems proving themselves.

15.     PHI      Philadelphia Eagles (1-1) Division Rank: 3rd in NFC East

“How dare you put the reigning Super Bowl champs this low?!” I know some of you might be baffled by this, but they just haven’t been the same team so far this year. They barely beat Atlanta, and lost to Tampa Bay in Week 2. With Carson Wentz returning in Week 3, I have no doubts they will climb in the rankings as the season goes on.

16.     CAR      Carolina Panthers (1-1) Division Rank: 3rd in NFC South

Carolina has been a playoff team the last few seasons. With Cam having the ability to use his legs thus far this season, they has seen some success in that. After losing a close division game to Atlanta this week, they’ll look to get back in the win column in Week 3 against the undefeated Bengals.

17.      NO     New Orleans Saints (1-1) Division Rank: 4th in NFC South

Some fans might be shocked to see the Saints, who were one game away from an NFC Title game last year, ranked this low. They just have not started this season very impressively. They lost to the surprise team of the season so far, and narrowly beat the Browns. The defense has got to get back to the level they were at last year if they expect to compete in one of the toughest divisions in football.

18.     BAL      Baltimore Ravens  (1-1) Division Rank: 2nd in AFC North

These guys make their fans shake their heads in disbelief sometimes. One week, they nearly score 50 points, granted it was against the 32nd ranked Bills, but 50 points is 50 points. The next week, they struggled against the Bengals, who are hard to read as a Contender or Pretender at this point. If they could just be more consistent, they could easily be a top 10 team in the league.

19.      DAL     Dallas Cowboys (1-1) Division Rank: 1st in NFC East

The Cowboys looked awful in Week 1 against the Panthers, but bounced back in a big way by defeating the Giants in Sunday Night Football. Their defense has been better this year thus far than it has been in recent years, Sean Lee has been good, and Zeke has continued to be a top 5 RB in the league. The biggest worry for them should be the consistency of Dak Prescott.

20.     NYJ      New York Jets (1-1) Division Rank: 3rd in AFC East

Sam Darnold has done pretty well as a rookie QB starting out. He has made some mistakes, which is to be expected, but he will only improve as time goes on. Their defense is what needs to step up in key situations. If they can get the stops, Darnold will be just fine, and the Jets will have more W’s in the win column

21.      WAS     Washington Redskins (1-1) Division Rank: 2nd in NFC East

Alex Smith has transitioned well from Kansas City, granted not as well as his replacement has transitioned to starting thus far. Their defense has been pretty impressive so far as well. They need to have a more consistent pass game if they want to stay afloat not only in the NFC, but in their own division.

22.      TEN     Tennessee Titans (1-1) Division Rank: 2nd in AFC South

This was one of the teams we had trouble finding a spot for. The offense hasnt been exactly off the charts per say, but they still are right in the middle of the AFC South at 1-1. These rankings seem to shuffle later on in the season, and the Titans are sure to one of the teams to be on the lookout for.

23.      IND      Indianapolis Colts (1-1) Division Rank: 3rd in AFC South

Andrew Luck has returned, and he has been impressive. Their offensive line still has some things to be worried about, their defense is only going to get better with time and practice. With the Jags looking to be on the top of the AFC South for the foreseeable future, it is likely that the Colts will have to look to a wildcard on their road to the playoffs

24.      PIT     Pittsburgh Steelers (0-1-1) Division Rank: 4th in AFC North

Some people might say this team deserve to be higher, but thus far this season, we just don’t see it. They tied the Browns, and lost to the Chiefs, and with the whole Bell situation going on, it is just bad all around in Pittsburgh. If they can get Bell to come back, or leave for good and get the drama out of the way, they could skyrocket to the top 10

25.      HOU     Houston Texans (0-2) Division Rank: 4th in AFC South

Houston has fallen victim to some bad coaching calls over the last few years under Bill O’Brien, and this year has not really been much different. There is no reason the Houston Texans shouldn’t be 2-0 with the talent they have on their football team. JJ Watt and Clowney on their D Line, and Deshaun Watson throwing the football to Deandre Hopkins and Will Fuller with Lamar Miller in the backfield. I can’t tell you that a coaching change might be what Houston needs, but it should be something they should look at.

26.     CLE      Cleveland Browns (0-1-1) Division Rank: 3rd in AFC North

Honestly, it is rather crazy to think about the fact that the Browns are a couple field goals and PATs from being 2-0. You would think that would put them higher on this list, but I just can’t justify putting them over any other teams. Reason is every team after them just has been more consistent. I will admit though, Cleveland has the talent to win some games this year, and as a fan of the NFL, I am super excited to see it.

27.      OAK     Oakland Raiders (0-2) Division Rank: 4th in AFC West

Jon Gruden has been upset with the Raiders for not getting enough pressure on the QB. It’s hard to not laugh at that statement given two weeks ago, he traded away arguably the best player in the league when it comes to getting to the QB. He is right however, Oakland just doesn’t have the pressure necessary to create disruption for opposing quarterbacks. Unfortunately, it’ll be a year before we even know what Oakland got out of this trade with Chicago. For the time being, they are in the basement of the AFC West

28.     SEA      Seattle Seahawks (0-2) Division Rank: 3rd in NFC West

This aches me to put Seattle this low. Once thought to be an NFC Juggernaut, this fall from grace has been nothing short of brutal. The only defensive starters left from Seattle’s 2014 Super Bowl run are Earl Thomas, Bobby Wagner, and KJ Wright. To add to that, 2 out of those 3 All-Pro’s didn’t play Week 2 against the Bears. The defense did well enough to win though, it was Russell Wilson trying to do more than he should that cost Seattle a win and forced them to 0-2. They have some building blocks here, but one can’t shake the feeling that this is just a transition year for Seattle.

29.     ARI      Arizona Cardinals (0-2) Division Rank: 4th in NFC West

Arizona is just suffering from a 1st year coach, a QB that has never really met his full potential, and thus far at least, a RB in David Johnson that just is not getting utilized enough. They need to start incorporating Johnson into their playbook more often if they want to see success. This is believed to be Larry Fitzgerald’s last season, and people want to see him get a ring, but unfortunately, he just doesn’t have the supporting cast necessary to make a run.

30.     NYG      New York Giants (0-2) Division Rank: 4th in NFC East

New York has a ton of offensive weapons from OBJ to their recently drafted star RB Saquon Barkley, they just don’t allow Manning to have enough time to utilize them correctly. Their offensive line can be rivaled by Seattle as the worst in the league, and Manning has always been on that borderline of Good-Bad QB.It isn’t too late for them to pull it together, but they need to work it out quick.

31.      DET     Detroit Lions (0-2) Division Rank: 4th in NFC North

Detroit has been a hit or miss team for as long as anyone can remember. They continued that streak this weekend, narrowly losing to the Niners. One could argue it was because it was an away game, but they also lost Week 1 at home to the Jets. One could say this is not the start Matt Patricia expected to have

32.     BUF      Buffalo Bills (0-2) Division Rank: 4th in AFC East

Where to start with the Bills. They have yet to win a game this season, they decided to start the season with Nathan Peterman, who quickly showed the front office that was a mistake. There are few positives to take away from their first two games, with one of their players even retiring during halftime of week 2.

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