NFL Trade Deadline Winners And Losers

NFL Trade Deadline Winners And Losers

The NFL trade deadline has passed and to say we were underwhelmed does not do this event justice. There was one (freaking one, like seriously??)major trade on the day. So lets take a look at the winners and losers for the 2019 NFL Trade Deadline.


Los Angeles Rams

The Rams made some moves prior to the trade deadline as well, dealing Marcus Peters to the Baltimore Ravens and acquiring Jalen Ramsey from the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In a surprise turn of events though, the Rams traded Aqib Talib to the Miami Dolphins for a couple of draft picks and cleared cap space for next year. The veteran cornerback is not expected to play a single snap for Miami. He is currently on IR and it is anticipated that he will be released by the team shortly.

The Rams are expected to offer Jalen a significant long term deal. As long as they can hold onto him, he will be an excellent pick up for a struggling defense.

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Miami Dolphins

Is it still “Tank for Tua” time in Miami? If so, they need to tank for A LOT more than just a quarterback this year as almost every facet of the Dolphins game has been exposed and teams are taking advantage of a team that is rebuilding. With the acquisition of multiple draft picks this year, Miami just might get their shot at drafting a team around Rosen…or Fitzpatrick…or whoever they choose to lead the offense next year.

Miami will bolster a total of 14 picks in the 2020 draft, plus a few extra first and second round picks in 2021. After dumping key players like Laremy Tunsil, Minkah Fitzpatrick and Kenyan Drake for draft picks, expect this team to (hopefully) make some noise in the next few years.

Mohamed Sanu

Nothing like going to bed 1-7 and waking up 8-0! The veteran wide receiver was traded to the New England Patriots from the Atlanta Falcons just a week before the deadline and he may be the biggest winner of the trade season.

After taking a backseat role to Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley this year, he will be a nice compliment to the already prominent Patriots offense. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that he will have a pretty good chance to win a Super Bowl as well!


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Le’Veon Bell, Jamal Adams, pretty much the entire Jets team

After day long reports and constant tweets the the Jets wanted to move both Bell and Adams before the deadline, it all mustered into nothing. Which is quite disappointing after some already well-endowed teams were interested in the two.

Both the Cowboys and the Ravens were heavily interested in Jamal Adams, offering up first round picks and other assets for the 3rd year safety out of LSU. Of course, he stayed with New York, but talk of trade to the Cowboys had him excited to go play in his home state.

He even fired back at the organization after the trade talks went stale saying, “The Rams don’t take calls on Aaron Donald…the Patriots don’t take calls on Tom Brady. That’s where I hold myself, in that regard”.

The Texans, Chiefs, Bills and Eagles were looking to add some much needed help to their backfield, but after a few hours talks went dead about acquiring Le’Veon Bell.

Bell, who signed with the Jets this past offseason to a four-year, $52.5 million deal with $27 million guaranteed, was frustrated that the team was shopping him. However, in a tweet, he told the city of New York to trust in him and they will get the job done.

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Andy Dalton

How are you going to bench a guy at the trade deadline and not trade him? Oh and let’s not forget that they did all of this on his birthday. Yes, Andy Dalton was told he will be benched for their next match up in favor of rookie quarterback Ryan Finley.

There were many teams in need of a quarterback this season after the injury bug struck quite a few, yet the Bengals did not relinquish Dalton to anybody. He has one year and a non-guaranteed $17.5 million left on his contract for next year, but don’t bet on the Bengals picking that option up. He will most likely become a free agent at the seasons end.

Melvin Gordon

Gordon, who was a hold out until Week 5 due to a contract dispute, is clearly not happy that a deal was not done before he came back. Unfortunately for Gordon, he is not stuck in a “running back-by-committee” backfield in Los Angeles with an offensive line that is only allowing him to gain 2.5 yards per carry.

It is highly unlikely that Gordon will now resign with the Chargers, unless they make some moves this off-season to improve the dismantled line and if he is secured as the first running back on the depth chart. Expect him to look elsewhere come March and cash in big!

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The Fans

Wow, did we all get screwed. What was promised as a spectacle with many stars on the last years of their contracts and being used as rentals for teams to make a push for a championship turned into the worlds longest anticipation. I really thought that SOMETHING was going to happen. Technically something did though. The biggest trade of the day was Aqib Talib being traded to Miami (which is just sad).

No Jamal Adams, no Le’Veon Bell, no A.J Green, no Andy Dalton. It was just sad. However, it could make for an unbelievable free agency!

From a movie of a generation, I quote, “Well, better luck next year!”

Photo Credit to Sports Illustrated, The Phinsider, SB Nation, New York Post

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