New NHL Regular Season Format?

New NHL Regular Season Format?

According to a tweet by John Shannon, a former sportscaster on Hockey Central, the NHL and the Players Association have begun talking about the regular season format for next year.

He sais one proposal he’s heard would be to create four bubble cities, and to rotate all 31 teams in those venues for 8 game increments.

According to him there’s currently no indication if all four cities would be in Canada. However, in my opinion, it would make the most sence to keep the regular season north of the border like it has been for the playoffs since the outbreak isn’t as bad.

It’s one thing to have the players remain in bubbles for playoffs that last a couple months at most, but it’s a complete other monster to try to plan an entire regular season that usually lasts six months.

While they could try to mimic the MLB, it hasn’t gone well for baseball travelling from city to city with them having had multiple outbreaks amongst teams. Also, while the MLB only had to relocate one Canadian team, due to their government not letting American teams cross the border, the NHL would have to relocate several organizations.

The NHL will have to get creative all throughout the off-season if they wish to have a good and safe regular season.

Picture source : USAToday

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