New LA Rams Logo Revealed

New LA Rams Logo Revealed

Since the St. Louis Rams relocated to Los Angeles in 2016, there has been much speculation about a completely new rebrand, which involved new jerseys and a new logo.

Well, the new logo for the Rams was leaked on Sunday, and fans around the league are not too fond of it.

Yahoo’s senior NFL reporter Charles Robinson shared a tweet of a hat sporting the apparent new logo, saying that it was legitimate and would be worn by the Rams this upcoming NFL season. People on Twitter were quick to respond, and most of the reviews were fairly negative.

Charles Robinson / Twitter
Charles Robinson / Twitter

The logo shows the letters “LA” with what appears to be the resemblance of a lightning bolt stemming out of the A. Now, we must remember the Rams play in a city with a second NFL team, the Los Angeles Chargers, whose colors are also blue and yellow, and use a lightning bolt as their primary logo.

Zach Cavanagh / Twitter
Cameron DaSilva / Twitter


Surely the Rams could have done better than that. If the letter A in the logo was meant to resemble a ram’s horn, it was a pretty poor attempt.

However, the logo does look a tad cleaner when you are not viewing it from a hat, as seen from this picture below:

The Bleacher Report

Many fans have also stated that the yellow stem protruding from the A, resembles the letter “C” for Chargers, and have poked jabs at the team and the NFL for rebranding the logo to look so similar to the Chargers. In this case, fans that are new to the sport of football may have no idea if this logo is that of the Rams or Chargers.

If this is in fact the new logo, which it appears to be, the NFL has definitely failed at rebranding this Rams franchise.

Featured Image Credit: NFL/Los Angeles Rams

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