New England Voltage Has A Stellar Day But Barely Misses Gold

New England Voltage Has A Stellar Day But Barely Misses Gold

In a wild event three that saw most of New England Wreckage scattered throughout the NEPXL, New England Voltage saw three young men come back home. Harrison (16) and Jameson (18) Stanton found their way back to their original team for event 3 along with Wreckage teammate Liam Bornstein (17) played this event with Voltage.

Both the Stanton brothers are ranked D2 at this point in time. Voltage brought these boys back home in an attempt to beat out New England Outlawz for the gold. While, that and the fact that they actually only have four guys on their roster without guests. They came extremely close to beating Outlawz but when the finals hit, star Snake player Nicholas Katz seemed to disappear and the team fell apart.

Throughout the day Bornstein and Jameson Stanton held down the back of the field while Katz pushed his way up the snake accumulating numerous kills. Stanton and Bornstein controlled the field from the Tower 2 and 4 bunkers for the better part of the day.

In set five of preliminary play, Voltage beat out Outlawz 4-0. Harrison and Katz played out of their minds for the first two points. Everything was going according to plan and they finished the prelims 3-0 while outscoring their opponents 13-2.

The Outlawz just had their number when it came down to the finals match. Katz was basically invisible out there while he battled things out with Jared Bledsoe. It was a battle for the ages in Boston Paintball. The top two snake players currently in Division 3 X-ball.

Voltage would lose the finals 3-1 as time expired.

Picture Source: Daniel DePalmer of Game Changer Sports Network

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