NEPXL Player Spotlight: James Dong (New England Rebellion)

NEPXL Player Spotlight: James Dong (New England Rebellion)

James Dong is the first in a new series we are starting here at Game Changer Sports Network. There will be no specific order of players or teams that we choose, but we will do our best to get to at least one player from every team.

James recently took a more defined leadership role with New England Rebellion and it really showed at Event 2 while I sat in on a pre-match huddle. The guys looked towards him and what his opinion was on the game plan.

Name: James Dong

Position: Versatile, Support on the snake up up the middle

Age: 26

Hometown: Armonk, NY

Team: New England Rebellion

Setup: LVR or Luxe X, Spire 3 and Ninja SL77

Full time job: Supply Planner for Bauer Hockey and Maverik Lacrosse

Hobbies: Outside of paintball, skiing and mediocre photography

Age started playing: 12

What got you into paintball?

Like most, a birthday party for a friend and growing relationships with people I met at the local fields on the few occasions after that.

Favorite paintball related memory?

National Events, either PSP Phoenix 2009 or NXL Atlantic City 2018. The joy and atmosphere those provide are like nothing else, a big mass of people who love the sport. Almost reminds me of a music festival, peopoe are there for that they love.

If you could play with anyone, who would it be?

Anyone whose a team player, I’ve already played a point with Ryan Greenspan at the Paintball Combine. Anyone who can spread the wealth of knowledge for the game. No one in particular, I’m a student to the game.

Anyone you would like to thank?

My parents for supporting this craziness when I was younger, my girlfriend Nicole who puts up with my absence on weekends and pushing me to stay fit during the week. My friends and teammates of current and past teams.

Pictures: Aaron Perry and Daniel DePalmer of Game Changer Sports Network

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