NEPL D4 5-Man Event 3 Preliminary Recap

NEPL D4 5-Man Event 3 Preliminary Recap

Event three had a noticeably higher level of competition compared to the last two events. Brand new turf was laid down just yesterday and the players were responding to it extremely well. The day started off hot and muggy and only progressed and got worse from there.

The set-up for the D4 5-man is a race to two. The first team to reach two points is declared the winner. Any normal sport would call this a best out of three series but this is Paintball after all.

Two time defending winners Northern Storm came in today looking to three peat. The day wouldn’t go as they had planned. Sometimes the day just doesn’t go your way. Northern Storm had one of those days.

In set one Annihilation went 2-0 for the set and went a total of 4-0 on points. They beat out Veterans Militia and Wildling. Not too very strong teams but still a solid start to the day for any team. New England Yetis took down Pew Pew Platter. Last time we saw Pew Pew they were getting murdered in division 3 X-Ball at event 1.

Northern Storm and Dude Crew went to the third point to declare a winner. Storm went on to win the game 2-1 to move to 1-0 on the day. Also going to to the third point on the match was Portland Puffins and The Anti-Hereos. Portland’s Skylar Horrigan was a key reason why Portland managed to slide out this win.

Xtreme Green and Boston Shoguns also went to the third point. On the final point, the Shoguns dominated Green by winning the point with four guys still left on the field. This was the start to a very rough day for the Green team. This was the end of set one. It looked like the day was going to go exactly as expected for them.

Set two kicked off with New England Yetis taking both games that they would play over Veterans Militia and Annihilation. Yetis’ Scott Ouillette really stood out as he held down the tower most of this set. Yetis made quick work of both teams with three of their four points coming less than one minute into the match.

The Anti-Heroes beat out Northern Storm in a full three point match. Thomas Turck made a solid move to give Storm the first point but John Piper and Andrew St. Louis held down the field for The Anti-Heroes to take the next two points. The Northern Storm guys started to fall apart and started letting their tempers get the best of them. At one and one on the day, there is still time to save it.

Portland Puffins increased to two and zero on the day with a win over Pew Pew Platter who fell to zero and two on the day. The final score of that game was two to nothing. Cole Phillips and Rob Martin stood out for Portland who got noticeably better since their first event as a team last month.

It would take three points for Dude Crew to beat out Xtreme Green in this set. Dude Crew, who was down their best player Ian Ryan for this event, managed to take two strait points after letting up one to win two to one. The upside for Xtreme Green is that they scored a point.

The team from Canada, Wildling lost their second strait match of the day as Boston Shoguns defeated them two to zero. Trenton Browne got the winning kill with 3:17 left on the clock. Our french speaking Canadians fell to a zero and two record on the day while the Shoguns improved to two and zero.

In set three Pew Pew Platter managed to get their first win of the day as they outplayed Veterans Militia with a final score of two to one. Portland Puffins beat out Northern Storm two to nothing. They improved to 3-0 on the day. Zach Spongeberg set the tone on the first point. At the time, it really seemed like Storm was falling apart, losing to a event two middle of the pack team.

Our friends from north of the border Wildling beat out Xtreme Green two to nothing. This was their first win of the day. Xtreme Green held the advantage until Anthony Chevalier hit a four pack and grabbed the first point with 3:32 left. The very next point saw another four pack for Wildling by Pier-Oliver Choiniere. Wildling looked really good coming out of this match.

Annihilation annihilated Boston Shoguns two to nothing. New England Yeti’s fell to The Anti-Heroes two to nothing. This would be the Yeti’s first loss of the day. John Piper got two outstanding kills in the second point to help secure the match.

Dude Crew handed Portland Puffins their only loss of the entire day. A good outing by Dude Crew that really helped them make the playoffs in the afternoon. Dude Crew’s Rich Williams and Nicholas Messier proved to be the game changers for this match.

The fourth set of the day only had a few games for the teams that had not already played four games. Northern Storm got their game together by the impressive leadership of Jake Morrill. They took this match over Xtreme Green in a two to nothing beating. Green went zero and four on the day. This was not the most impressive win for Storm, but it was a win that at the time, they absolutely needed.

Michael Phillips runs up the middle of the field to push Veterans Militia to their first win of the day. This was just their just their second win of the season. They beat Boston Shoguns who is the only team they have beaten this season. Militia beat Shoguns at event two as well.

Pew Pew Platter tried to put an end to The Anti-Heroes day as they managed to pull out a victory with a final score of two to one. Wildling also beat Dude Crew two to one in this set to push both teams to 2-2. At the end of preliminary play, we had six teams finish two and two.

Portland Puffins and New England Yeti’s got the quarterfinal bye. The Anti-Heroes, Annihilation, Dude Crew, and Boston Shoguns all moved onto the quarterfinals. Northern Storm, Pew Pew Platter, and Wildling all finished two and two but were eliminated on the tiebreakers.

All picture by Aaron Perry of Game Changer Sports Network

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