“NBA NIT” Teams

“NBA NIT” Teams

The playoffs are under way and the stars are battling it out to see who comes out on top. We can’t help but imagine however, how would the best players on non-playoff teams fare against the top teams in the league?

Here are our selections for the “NBA NIT” (Not In Tournament) squads for each conference. Notable absentees such as Kristaps Porzingis have been left out due to injury, given that they wouldn’t have been able to compete if they had made the playoffs anyway.

Western Conference


PG – Lou Williams (Clippers: 22.6p, 2.5r, 5.3a)

SG – Devin Booker (Suns: 25p, 4.7a, 4.5r)

SF – Tobias Harris (Clippers: 18.6p, 2.4a, 5.5r)

PF – Julius Randle (Lakers: 16p, 8r, 2.6a)

C – Nikola Jokic (Nuggets: 18.5p, 10.7r, 6.1a)

Key Reserves: Gary Harris (Nuggets), Deandre Jordan (Clippers), Tyreke Evans (Grizzlies)


Eastern Conference


PG – Kemba Walker (Hornets: 22p, 3r, 5.6a)

SG – Evan Fournier (Magic: 17.8p, 2.9a, 3.2r)

SF – Tim Hardaway Jr. (Knicks: 17.5p, 2.7a, 4r)

PF – Blake Griffin (Pistons: 21p, 7r, 5.8a)

C – Andre Drummond (Pistons: 15p, 16r, 1.6b)

Key Reserves: Enes Kanter (Knicks), Dennis Schroder (Hawks), Dwight Howard (Hornets)


Only Kemba Walker and Andre Drummond were All-Stars this season, and this was a result of several extra spots opening up due to injury to players such as Porzingis. Others mentioned are considered solid role players on less than stellar teams. We have yet to see how players such as Devin Booker perform in a playoff situation. It’s hard to tell how a team like this would come together and compete. It looks like a couple of lineups off of an NBA2K MyTEAM collection.

So how would these teams matchup against current playoff rosters? How far could they go into the postseason in their respective conferences? We’ll never know, but we can always wonder.

p = points

r = rebounds

a = assists

b =blocks



Featured Photo Source: sportingnews.com

Clippers Photo: nba.com

Pistons Photo: fanragsports.com

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