NBA Experiments With New Rules

NBA Experiments With New Rules

This year the NBA issued a new rule stating that coaches could contest one call a game. This was first used in the first preseason game of the year by Mike D’antoni from the Houston Rockets. Doc Rivers, LA Clippers Head Coach, playfully called out across the court, “In a preseason game?” This rule comes after a controversial playoff season, specifically for the Rockets, when the referees admitted to missing four calls and made calls that had fans up in arms in a second round playoff game against the Golden State Warriors. Nick Nurse, the Toronto Raptors Head Coach, was the first in history to use the rule in a regular season game against the New Orleans Pelicans.

In order to use the challenge, the team must have at least one timeout remaining. If the coach is wrong about the challenge, they will be docked that one timeout. However, if they are correct and the call is overturned, they will keep their timeout. Sure, this could slow down the game but imagine a world where the referees are accountable for the calls they make. This new rule, in my opinion, will make those outrageous calls that stick with us the next day a little less bothersome, knowing that they can be overturned.

The NBA is also experimenting with a new rule in G-league in which there is only a single shot for a free throw on a foul from inside the perimeter worth two points, and a single shot worth three points for a 3-point foul. Statistically, the first shot of two or three at the line is the one that is missed. The players will only be given one chance to redeem their foul points. “And-1″s will still be worth one point. The idea behind this is to shorten the game but also to simplify. Some people hate watching free throws and its somewhat of a drawn out process when players like James Harden are able to draw fouls on multiple 3-point shots a night.

The game is changing and adapting to the new 3-point era. What used to be mostly mid-range shots and layups has changed into a world of step-backs and corner threes and the players using fouls to their advantage to score more points. I think it’s great that the NBA is making changes to the rules and cutting the tedious free throw shots down to one. If the rules does well in the G-league, perhaps we will see it in play next season.

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