NBA Announces Africa League

NBA Announces Africa League

By: Caleb J. Duncan

The NBA and FIBA (International Basketball Association) have announced that Africa will have a 12-team league starting in 2020. This is the first expansion of the NBA into another country.

The NFL began playing games in London in an attempt to expand the influence of the game and it has proven to be successful, so this is a wise move. The NBA currently has 80 players in the league that are from Africa, but the NBA currently employs players from many national markets. Hakeem Olajuwon is probably one of the most famous African-born players to reach such heights in the NBA. If this league proves successful it would not be hard to imagine the NBA moving into other continents like Europe.

Angola, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa and Tunisia will be the nations participating in the league.

Former President Barack Obama will also be involved in the league in some capacity, but his role is not yet known. He had this to say after the announcement:

With basketball already having such international popularity the decision to bring NBA basketball to Africa can not only be profitable, but has the chance to ensure more people from around the world get a chance to play in the professional sport.

While the NBA currently holds exhibition games in Africa we can expect to see even more involvement between America and Africa now that the NBA and FIBA have partnered to make this a reality.

Featured Photo Credit: USAToday

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