National Tragedy in Italy Affects the Serie A

National Tragedy in Italy Affects the Serie A

Last Tuesday, Italy witnessed the deaths of 39 people after a bridge in Genoa partially collapsed above the Polcevera river. About 30 cars and three trucks were at the wrong time and place, when the 51-year-old Ponte Morandi crumbled causing a national tragedy. Occurring just a few days before the Serie A kick off, the incident called for two matches to be postponed.

The two standing Morandi bridge halves, whose connecting portion crumbled

Based in Genoa, Sampdoria would host Fiorentina on Sunday, in an already annulled match. In solidarity, the Serie A board also decided for Milan to cancel their match on the same day, who were hosting Genoa CFC, Genoa’s other team. Today, it was announced that the matches will be made up on September 19th for Sampdoria-Fiorentina, and October 31st for Milan-Genoa.

The Serie A will start Saturday, with Chievo Verona hosting a match against favorites Juventus at 12:00pm ET, followed by Lazio hosting Napoli in the Italian capital. Most likely, the beginning of this matches will be preceded by a few minutes of silence in commemoration of the victims.

Meanwhile, the search for more survivors continues. Many rescuers believe in finding more sufferers who are still breathing under the rubble, and hopefully finding a specific reason for what caused the incident.

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