Nate Diaz VS Jorge Masvidal Preview

Nate Diaz VS Jorge Masvidal Preview

Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal will headline UFC 244

In perhaps the most anticipated bout of the year, Nate Diaz and Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal are set to face each other on Saturday, November 2nd, at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. This fight will be for the BMF belt, which Nate Diaz created himself. Both Diaz and Masvidal are seasoned veterans of the sport and have been known to be unintentionally charismatic and humorous, making them fan favorites. Diaz sports a record of 20-11, while Masvidal has a record of 34-13. With all of the controversy surrounding this fight, with Nate threatening to pull out of the fight due to an alleged failed drug test due to “elevated levels” of some sort, this fight has fans almost not wanting to get their hopes up for this fight to happen. Both fighters are incredibly durable and difficult to knock out or submit. Diaz’s last knockout loss was a TKO by Josh Thompson due to a head kick and punches in 2013. His last submission loss was in 2006. Masvidal’s last knockout loss was a TKO 2008. His last submission loss was in 2009. Fans are in for a scrap in this one, let’s break down each fighter.

Nate Diaz came back to a win after nearly three years to the day away from the sport. He earned a unanimous decision victory over Anthony Pettis. It was an action packed fight, with wild exchanges on the feet and great reversals on the ground. Diaz got the better of Pettis on the feet especially in the clinch against the cage with his dirty boxing. He just would not let Pettis breathe. As soon as Nate sensed that Pettis was even a little tired, he did what he does best, and that is ramp up the pace, and turned the fight into a war of attrition. He hurt Pettis bad in the third round dropping him with knees. Ultimately, after some more great reversals by Pettis, the time ran out in the fight. Diaz said he prefers five round fights because he can pace himself better. You would think after three years away from the sport that Diaz would have looked a little more ring rusted than he did but he looked incredible. Of course, in those three years, he didn’t just sit on the couch, he never stopped training. With the rust shaken off, we should see Nate Diaz at his best on November 2nd.

Jorge Masvidal is no stranger to coming back from long layoffs. After back-to-back losses to Demian Maia and Stephen Thompson in 2017, we did not see Masvidal in a UFC octagon again until March of 2019 against Darren Till. He was dropped early by Till, but that would seem like that was all that was needed to shake off his own ring rust because in the 2nd round he delivered one of the scariest knockouts in MMA history. For die hard fans, we knew this was what “Gamebred” was capable of already. But for the average fan, this put him on their radar. That devastating knockout made Masvidal an overnight sensation. That, along with the infamous “three piece and a soda.” that he gave to Leon Edwards backstage after the fight. The Masvidal hype train did not stop there. In fact, the hype doubled after he knocked out the then undefeated Ben Askren with a flying knee in five seconds, making it the fastest knockout in UFC history. Also adding that to the list of scariest knockouts ever. Masvidal will be ready to prove against Nate Diaz that he is the BMF in MMA.

So how will this fight go down? I think it will happen like everyone is hoping, praying, begging, and expecting it to happen. Diaz and Masvidal are going to stand in front of each other and trade bombs for twenty five minutes straight. A definite fight of the night, and possibly fight of the year match-up. I would give the power advantage to Jorge Masvidal. If Nate is gonna finish you on the feet, it will be from flurries and the accumulation of shots over the course of the fight. If the fight goes to the ground, the advantage goes to Nate Diaz. We know how good his ground skills are, however, Masvidal has shown over the course of his career to have great takedown defense. On the feet, I don’t feel any fighter has a definite advantage. Both fighters are very durable, its almost inhuman. If either one gets finished on the feet, I will be shocked. So, my prediction? Jorge Masvidal will win the first two rounds, then Nate will win the last three rounds and win a Unanimous decision. The entire fight will be on the feet, and it will be a war. Happens November 2nd. We can’t wait much longer.

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