Nashville Blocking Winnipeg Fans

Nashville Blocking Winnipeg Fans

With Nashville completing the series last night, it is official. A Winnipeg Jets and Nashville Predators Second Round matchup is set to take place after the completion of the remaining First Round series.

In an attempt to give the Predators even more of a home ice advantage, Nashville is restricting ticket sales to people only from the Nashville Predators television viewing area.

Those states are Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia.

Residency will be determined by the zip code associated with the credit card used for payment.

As much as this seems like cheating, Nashville also did this last year in the Stanley Cup Final, along with Tampa Bay blocking Chicago fans in 2015.

This is simply just how teams have such a home ice advantage, which is a game changer in the playoffs for any sport.

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3 thoughts on “Nashville Blocking Winnipeg Fans

  1. I contacted the Predators, something that you should do, it was easy.
    They said all tickets are held by season ticket holders and they have not put any tickets up for sale to the public, in any country.
    Please follow up on this fake story.

  2. That is such BS for Nashville. Where is there so called “Southern hospitality?” Opponents are very passionate for their teams and spend a boatload of money to attend these games. The better team will win why are you segregating the fans? I live in California and flew to Nashville to watch the Pens play (who won the cup?). Location won’t make any difference. We Fanatics always find ways of getting tickets. Shame on you.

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