Myles Garrett – How Hard Should He Be Punished?

Myles Garrett – How Hard Should He Be Punished?

Before we begin I would like to heed caution to anyone who supports Myles Garrett’s actions in last nights game. You will be deeply unhappy with what I have to say. This is not about who started the fight. Whether it be the NFL, or NHL, or any sport for that matter, fights happen. That is just sometimes part of the game. This is about Myles Garrett’s choice in a single moment to use a helmet as a weapon. Nothing more, nothing less.

Three-Inches. Imagine watching last nights game and watching the same thing take place, but the helmet turned three more inches to it’s right sight. You may of had to explain to your child what just happened. Why the game was automatically called. We could have possibly seen a grown mans head get split open, or even result in his death.

Lucky for Myles Garrett, the softer underside of the helmet was what contacted Mason Rudolph’s head instead. Whether it was intentional, or luck, is not relevant to the sport. It was an inexcusable action, and if you are part of Team Garrett and attempt to defend his actions, you too should have your morals questioned. Never in my life have I seen a grown man use their helmet as a weapon in a fight. It is something I hope I never see again.

Roger Goodell – Credit: CBS Sports

So we get to the place of questioning how Roger Goodell should handle this situation. I would be shocked if it is handled in a way that satisfies all parties. To say he should be suspended for the rest of the year, personally, is an understatement. Let’s remember, he was just a few inches away with a heavy piece of equipment that could have potentially ruined another mans life forever. A suspension for the rest of the season would result in six total games. This type of behavior is inexcusable, and it’s time Roger puts his foot down and let’s the players in the NFL know: Assault and/or battery on other humans will no longer be tolerated.

If any of us in the regular world of business were to attack a rival employee with something that could be used as a weapon, we’d be fired on the spot. Beyond that, we could face time in prison. Myles Garrett should now be held to the same standards as any other person in his situation. Again, this is not about his choice to fight. This is not about Pouncey or Randolph instigating anything. It’s about the choice of a grown man using a helmet to hit another persons head.

In my humble opinion, I believe the punishment should be as followed:

  • 22 Game Suspension – This would end his season and overflow into the entirety of next season as well.
  • 100% unpaid throughout the entirety of his suspension.
  • A minimum of one-year of anger management or like-minded classes.
  • A max fine, which all of the money would go directly into the continued study of CTE and how it affects players.
  • Pouncey, Randolph, and all other players involved should be suspended and fined as well.

This may seem extreme, and that’s cause it’s supposed to be. As of right now, we do know that Myles Garrett has been suspended indefinitely. But did you know there have been 60 Assault related charges since Roger Goodell became Commissioner in 2006? That is almost 5 Assaults per season. This excludes any sexual assault charges and allegations, as well. Unless something happens, the legacy of the NFL could slowly begin to tarnish little by little. There is no room for this type of behavior in the NFL, or any professional sport for that matter. It is time the sports world starts being treated like any one of us would for similar incidents.

If you want some other NFL players opinions on the matter, here they are:

James Harrison – Credit: Yahoo Sports

James Harrison: “That’s assault at the least, 6 months in jail on the street, now add the weapon and that’s at least a year right?!”

Kevin Mawae – Credit: New York Post

Kevin Mawae: “It was completely gutless & classless to swing a helmet at someone else.”

Kurt Warner – Credit: AP/Paul Connors

Kurt Warner: “I have no idea what I just saw on TNF w/ Myles Garrett? How in the world can u be so unaware? How can u allow ur emotions to go unchecked & swing a helmet at another player’s head (who’s helmet u tore off to hit him with)? I’m physically upset right now & I was watching on TV!”

So what are your thoughts on the incident? How long do you think Myles Garrett should be suspended?

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