Most Likely Landing Spots for Dez Bryant

Most Likely Landing Spots for Dez Bryant

Probably the most shocking post-free agency move this year was the Dallas Cowboys cutting star WR Dez Bryant. There were quite a few veterans on the market due to teams adjusting their cap space.

Dez is still a viable receiver for the right team. That leaves he question, what team is the “right” team?

He will likely take a simple one year deal to re-emerge as a threat and up his value over the season. Hit the market again next season and sign a long term, big money deal.


Going into this offseason it was my belief that the 49ers needed to add more viable weapons to Jimmy Garoppolo’s new offense. They didn’t overpay for anyone on the market in free agency. Dez could possibly come at a steal of a price and give Jimmy G. an amazing target downfield.


Dez himself stated that he wanted to stay in the NFC east so he can face the Cowboys twice a year. He wants to make them regret ever letting him go. The Giants, after cutting WR Brandon Marshall due to a failed physical, are now looking for another WR to fill his shoes.


Another team in the NFC east. The Eagles are coming off a Super Bowl win and have set themselves up very well to make another run at it this season. The Eagles don’t need Dez but he could add a great depth piece to the defending champions.


This is probably the most obvious answer. The Patriots have been linked to just about every WR on the market over the past ten years. Bryant would once again be able to add the deep threat to Tom Brady’s arsenal after the trade that sent Brandon Cooks to St. Louis.

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