More Information on Kristaps Porzingis Rape Accusation

More Information on Kristaps Porzingis Rape Accusation

As we previously reported, Dallas Mavericks Kristaps Porzingis has been accused of rape by a 29 year old woman that lived in the same building as Porzingis. The alleged assault happened in the early hours of February 7, 2018, hours after Porzingis suffered a torn ACL injury at Madison Square Garden.

The woman met with the New York Knicks legal team in October in order to try to mediate a payment of $68,000 for her brother’s college tuition that she claimed Porzingis had promised her. The woman had not yet filed criminal charges during this communication. She provided a document that she claims Porzingis signed, agreeing to make the payment. Porzingis’ Attorney, Roland G. Riopelle, who was hired in November, told ESPN that he believed it was “a forgery,” In the document, Porzingis’ name is misspelled.

Riopelle contacted federal employees in December, alleging that the woman was extorting Porzingis. Shortly after all of this in January, Porzingis was traded to the Dallas Mavericks. He has yet to play this season as he is still recovering from his knee injury. Sources for the Mavs said that the word extortion was used when discussing his trade, not rape.

ESPN shared details of the emails sent to the Knicks by they woman:

“After the extremely aggressive encounter, he was very apologetic, loving and caring … hence, the offer he made to pay my (little) bro’s tuition + more. … Although how he treated me was horrendous, as a Knicks fan, I do not want him to get him in any trouble with the law. I stayed back and enjoyed the rest of the time I spent with him. It’s crucial to note the fun times I had with him doesn’t negate the fact that he offered to compensate me as a soothing gift even though I didn’t ask him to.”

National Basketball Players Association Executive Director, Michele Roberts, released a statement stating that the NBPA stands behind Porzingis based on the information presented.

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