MLB Trade Rumors

MLB Trade Rumors

With the MLB trade deadline swiftly approaching, here is a list of 10 potential players who could be traded before the July 31st deadline.

1. Manny Machado

Manny Machado is crushing it with the Orioles so far, posting a .317 average with 18 homeruns and 50 RBIs. The downside for the O’s is that this is the final year of his contract and so far no attempt at negotiations have surfaced. Machado’s numbers have been severely overshadowed by the O’s MLB worst 19-43 record this year. With a struggling Chris Davis, Machado could be shipped to one of many teams. As of now, the only teams to have reached out to Baltimore are the Philadelphia Phillies and the Chicago Cubs. Teams like the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers likely will not pursue Machado due to the need to stay under the luxury tax. With that said, don’t be surprised to see Machado moved before the trade deadline.

2 & 3. Noah Syndergaard & Jacob deGrom

This one really should not come as a surprise to anyone. The New York Mets have been on the decline since 2015 when they lost to the Kansas City Royals in the World Series. The Mets are currently sitting at 27-33, 4th in the NL East, 7.5 games back in their division. They are nowhere near out of the division race, but their lack of offense is starting to show. There have been rumors about DeGrom being moved to the Yankees before the deadline. So far it is all speculation but as the trade deadline approaches, more talks have become publicized. Syndergaard could also be moved to the Yankees if a DeGrom deal falls through. The Mets could use the offensive firepower for the second half of the season, and the Yankees are in need of a big arm. It should come as no surprise if both are moved before July 31st.

4. Adam Jones

Jones will become an unrestricted free agent next year, which is one of a few reasons Baltimore could be shipping him off. His numbers so far this year have also been less than great. Hitting .281 with 10 homeruns and 28 RBIs, he is not struggling by any means, but his offense has just been below expectations. The downside to the O’s potentially trading Jones is that he has 10-and-5 rights to veto any trade. Unless Jones is satisfied with his next destination, he could ultimately remain in Baltimore.

5. Billy Hamilton

Billy Hamilton obviously isn’t known for his offense. His 2018 numbers so far have been atrocious. Hitting .191 with only 2 homeruns and 14 RBIs with only a .283 OBP. The Cincinnati Reds, who are lacking in just about every category this year, could move Hamilton to a potential contender. While Hamilton is a great defensive player, he is an offensive liability. The Reds are more likely in the stages of a rebuild come the 2018 offseason, so moving Hamilton seems like the logical thing to do.

6. J.A. Happ

Everything seems to be going down hill for the Blue Jays. They are 4th in the AL East at 28-35, 15 games out of first place. Josh Donaldson has been placed on the 10 day disabled list for left calf tightness, so that shouldn’t be a huge problem. Yet the Blue Jays batting numbers are the problem. While they are top 10 in home runs as a team, batting average is sitting at 27th in the league. Happ could be moved to any number of places in the league, but the Blue Jays would be looking for some offensive spark if they were to trade Happ.

7. Mike Moustakas

We as baseball fans have heard this year after year about Mike Moustakas. Could this year finally be the year that he is traded? Moose has had a good year so far, hitting .271 with 13 home runs and 42 RBIs. No teams have come in contact with the Kansas City Royals about a potential trade, but don’t rule out the possibility. Moustakas, with a cost efficient $5.5M salary, could be another player moved to a possible contender.

8. Wilson Ramos

Wilson Ramos has been catching the eyes of the MLB as one of the better hitting catchers in the league. Batting a .288 with 7 home runs and 29 RBIs. The Tampa Bay Rays, sitting 3rd in the AL East at 28-34, have already shown interest in shipping Ramos at a somewhat heavy cost. It doesn’t appear that any team in the AL East will be catching the Boston Red Sox or The New York Yankees, but the Rays are more than likely rebuilding after trading Evan Longoria to the San Francisco Giants back in December of 2017. Shipping away Ramos while he’s hot could become beneficial for the Rays.

9. Raisel Iglesias

Iglesias has been pitching very well this season but has been overshadowed by the Cincinnati Reds terrible play. Iglesias has posted a career low ERA this season (2.33 ERA) so far and has pitched dominantly for the Reds. Cincinnati won’t be in any hurry to move him but will listen to any and all offers. With the Reds are seemingly in rebuild mode, look for them to ask for loads of prospect talent in return for Iglesias.

10. Brad Hand

Brad Hand is another relief pitcher who has been lights out this season so far. Posting a career low ERA as well this season (2.01 ERA), the San Diego Padres play hasn’t reflected his stats. Sitting last in the NL West, but only 5.5 games out of first place, it doesn’t seem ideal for them to move Hand, especially with how well he has done so far. But with the Padres sitting at 24th in the MLB in team batting average, moving Hand could be one of few options they have to get themselves back in contention for 1st in the NL West.



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