MLB: The Show 20 To Feature Full Minor League Rosters

MLB: The Show 20 To Feature Full Minor League Rosters

I love Major League Baseball. I’ve loved it my whole life, but it wasn’t until my high school days that I started paying more attention to Minor League Baseball. I pay attention to the minor leagues, scouting players, keeping an eye on players I think will have great careers and all that great stuff. I’m also an avid player of MLB: The Show, and the one thing that always got on my nerves was the omission of real minor league baseball players in the game.

Every time I would start a franchise, I would either have to deal with random generated minor league players or download one of the rosters made by the community that included the minor leaguers. Downloading one of these wasn’t horrible as the creators spent a lot of time making them, but it always bugged me out that the real players weren’t already in the game.

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That all changes in MLB: The Show 20. For the first time in the game’s inception, full minor league rosters will be included in the game. In a video trailer released by MLB The Show, big-name minor leaguers such as Wander Franco, Casey Mize, Mackenzie Gore, and Luis Robert were all featured. The video even gave a glimpse of University of Florida great Tim Tebow, who currently plays in the New York Mets farm system.

This is an amazing addition to this year’s game and one that I am very much looking for. I was actually on the fence about buying this year’s installment, but with this announcement, there’s no doubt I will be playing this year.

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