Mets off to a Slow Start

Mets off to a Slow Start

The New York Mets have started the season off less than ideal as the club just cannot shake the injury bug. Here are the latest injuries.

Dominic Smith has been diagnosed with a right quad strain.

Juan Lagares is out with a strained left hamstring.

Yoenis Cespedes is day to day with an agitated shoulder on his throwing arm. He says that this is something he deals with every spring, as he goes the entire off-season without throwing.

Jay Bruce is back in the lineup, day to day, after being diagnosed with plantar fascitis on his left foot.
Jacob DeGrom has been experiencing lower back stiffness. He is considered day to day, continuing his throwing progression, but not expected back in the lineup.

Lastly, Tim Tebow has been diagnosed with a sprained ankle after tripping over a sprinkler head. That goes to prove no matter how Holy Tim Tebow is, he still does not have the ability to walk on water. He is listed day to day, but is available to play if need be.

While the Mets may not be off to the greatest start, it does not appear as though any of these injuries are season-ending, or demanding an extended amount of missed time.

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