Merrimack Valley Spartans Take Down The Warriors For D4 Championship

Merrimack Valley Spartans Take Down The Warriors For D4 Championship

In the first series event of the 2019 NEXL X-Ball season, we saw the twelve teams in Division 4 start their season off to an extremely entertaining and intense tournament.

Being eliminated after the preliminary round were the 617 Pack, Landslyde, New England Yetis, Fort Drum Demons, High Velocity Red Devils, and Salt City Syndicate.

In the quarter finals we saw the New England Vision, and the Warriors each receive a bye as the first and second seeds respectively.

We also saw the New England Rebellion take on the Boston Shoguns, along with the Merrimack Valley Spartans take on the New England Knights.

The New England Rebellion were able to take down the Shoguns fairly easily 4-0 with the help of Andrew Roach, Ryan Doyle, and Ryan Boisvert.

In the second quarterfinals match we saw a much closer game.

This game was never more than one point out of reach, with the Knights tying the score on three separate occasions.

However tied 3-3 with 1:38 remaining the Spartans were able to score their fourth point and run out the clock advancing to the semi finals.

In the semi finals the first seeded New England Vision took on the fourth seeded Merrimack Valley Spartans,and would jump out to a quick 1-0 lead with 10:45 remaining on the clock.

However that is all the Visions would have in the tank as the Spartans went on to score four straight points making it 4-1 with 3:39 still left on the clock, with much disagreement and frustration flowing from the Visions’ pit over lack of communication.

Following a Spartans timeout, the New England Visions brought the score to 4-2 with just 30 seconds remaining.

The Spartans would hold on to the lead and advance to the Championship taking down the first overall seeded New England Visions, who were led by Dan Zarzour, Casey Corleto, and Jacob Brault.

In the next semi finals match the Warriors took on the the New England Rebellion.

The Warriors continued their strong tournament performance by ending the New England Rebellion’s first tournament appearance as a team with a 4-0 defeat.

Following the defeat Rebellion’s Andrew Roach stated, “Warriors just had our number, they clearly scouted us, knew our style, and made it work to their advantage.”

He would go on to say, “I’m super proud of what our team did. This is our first team event together and we made a name for ourselves.”

The Warriors would go onto the Championship against the Merrimack Valley Spartans in a highly anticipated game.

The Spartans, led by Ryan Cronan, and Thomas Turck, would jump out to a 1-0 lead, however the Warriors would notch things at one point a piece with 6:30 remaining on the clock.

Spartans would then go on to make it 2-1 with 4:18 left, followed by a Warriors time out.

Less than a minute after the time out, Merrimack Valley made it 3-1 with 3:30 remaining in the final game.

The Spartans would go on to score another point creating a comfortable 4-1 lead, and would then finalize their last adjustments of the day with no rush by using their time out.

The Merrimack Valley Spartans would claim the Championship of the first tournament of the season with a solid 4-1 victory over the Warriors; an impressive side note, this was Thomas Turck’s second Championship of the weekend as he was a part of the D5 Northern Storm team that won just a day before.

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