McDavid for Rocket Richard Trophy?

McDavid for Rocket Richard Trophy?

Oilers super star Connor McDavid has been on fire in his last fifteen games, and now finds himself fourth in goals just 5 goals behind leader Alexander Ovechkin with five games remaining in the season.

In his last fifteen games, McDavid has 13 goals and 15 assists totaling to 28 points, nearly a 2 point per game performance!

On the season, McDavid currently has 40 goals and 62 assists giving himself 102 points; his second season in a row of hitting the 100 point mark.

Now, is it possible for McDavid to not only catch up to Ovechkin but also pass him in just five games?

I believe McDavid will be able to catch up to Ovechkin’s 45 goals, however Ovechkin will need to score very few goals in his remaining five games as well to give McDavid a chance of passing him.

The biggest reason I think Connor McDavid has a chance is because in his previous five games, McDavid has been able to rack up 6 goals and 7 assists.

If the defending Hart Trophy winner can continue his dominating play, McDavid may find himself the Rocket Richard Trophy, or fall just a goal or two shy.

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Do not forget, McDavid is also competing against Winnipeg’s Patrick Laine who has 43 goals, and Pittsburgh’s Evgeni Malkin who has 42 goals.

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