Marty Scurll is a Free Agent | Where Will He Sign?

Marty Scurll is a Free Agent | Where Will He Sign?

As of midnight on November 30th, 2019, Marty Scurll is a free agent. Scurll has been with Ring of Honor since 2016, and has held the ROH World Television Championship, the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championships, and was the 2018 Survival of the Fittest.

The leader of Villain Enterprises will more than likely jump ship to another company, however, Scurll will appear at Ring of Honor’s Final Battle pay-per-view on December 13th in Baltimore, Maryland.

Speculation as to where Scurll will end up has been running rampant for the better part of a year now. Many have said they heard rumors, but Scurll himself has kept his intentions close to the vest. So, with that being said, we will look at some places that we could see the Villain ending up.


I have to be honest, I personally believe it is a foregone conclusion Scurll will end up in AEW. Scurll was a huge part of “Being The Elite” at one point and is great friends with many of AEW’s higher-ups. Not to mention, him being on BTE was a big reason for him blowing up the way he did, combining that with the fact he was in Bullet Club.

Scurll would have the type of freedom he wants in AEW, something WWE and NXT cannot fully give him. He could potentially start another Villain Enterprises with two lesser-known talents or could go straight into a feud with Cody. Scurll joining AEW would be a huge addition, and we could potentially see it happen as quickly as this Wednesday. AEW has said in the past they were okay with their talent wrestling in certain other promotions. Maybe Scurll could appear on AEW Wednesday, and still wrestler for the ROH PPV on the 13th?


One thing is for sure, WWE is going to throw a couple of Brink’s trucks at Marty. I don’t know if Vince McMahon may know who Scurll is, but I know for sure Triple H does, and he has to be aware of what bringing him to the black and yellow brand could do for WWE and NXT. That’s not to say AEW could offer Scurll a lot of money, but I would imagine Vince’s pockets are a little deeper than Tony Kahn’s (depending on if his father, Shahid Khan, is helping out his son).

Another thing that could help NXT is the fact that Scurll currently lives in Florida. Scurll could see wrestling at Full Sail University as a much better position for him when it comes to traveling. Many wrestlers spend the majority of the year traveling, so this may be a huge swaying point. 

Scurll in NXT would be a huge get. Feuds with Adam Cole, Finn Balor and Tommaso Ciampa come straight to mind. I mean come on, imagine Adam Cole, defending the NXT Championship against the guy that kicked him out of Bullet Club? Obviously, NXT wouldn’t include that, but us fans would definitely know. It may be a long shot, but it’s a move that would pay off exponentially for WWE.


This one is kind of tricky. Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling have had a partnership since 2014 and wrestlers have appeared on both shows, with both promotions holding “Supershows” together. So, that essentially means if Scurll signs with NJPW, he’d still be working with ROH.

Scurll held the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship and the NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championships (coincidentally with The Young Bucks). Scurll does have the history with NJPW, but I don’t see him being a major star in the company if he does, in fact, go there. With talents such as Okada, Jay White, and Will Opsreay, I just don’t see Scurll going there and being a mainstay on the roster.

If he does, as stated earlier, that means he would still have a relationship with ROH, which could possibly mean Villain Enterprises stays intact. Scurll currently holds the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship titles with PCO and Brody King. Even though he would technically be with NJPW, he could still hold on to the belts while under contract with Japan.


To be honest, I wasn’t going to include ROH here, but the more I wrote about it, the more the thought of him staying crept into my brain. Now, I don’t think he’s staying at all, but it’s definitely not something we can rule out. Scurll is established in Ring of Honor, and even though he hasn’t held the ROH World Championship, he still remains one of, if not the company’s top star.

Same with the NJPW possibility, remaining with ROH means Villain Enterprises stays alive. Even though Scurll owns the rights to Villain Enterprises and could just start another one up anywhere, it definitely wouldn’t feel the same as the current installment. I could maybe see Flip Gordon turning on Scurll at the Final Battle PPV, but that would mean Villain Enterprises is all but dead in ROH. I don’t see this as being a huge possibility, as I believe if Scurll had any intention of staying, he would’ve signed an extension already.

No matter what Scurll decides to do, the fact remains that he is going to be one of the hottest free agents since Kenny Omega. All signs point to him heading over to TNT to be with All Elite Wrestling, but as we’ve all seen in the past, anything can happen in the wrestling world. 

Be sure to stay tuned to GCSN for updates on where Marty Scurll ends up.

Featured Photo: Mike Rosa – GCSN

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