Magics Vogel and Knicks Hornacek fired!  Others on the hot seat

Magics Vogel and Knicks Hornacek fired! Others on the hot seat

The NBA season wrapped itself up last night and news broke that two coaches were being fired. I was quite surprised to see which ones, as I think both are quality coaches. The more I thought about it the more I realized it will be best for all parties involved.


Frank Vogel

Vogel had a great run with the Indiana Pacers before going to Orlando. Their meetings in the playoffs with LeBron James and the Heat is what comes to mind when I think of him. His record in Orlando is far from impressive (54-110), but that really says more about the Magic organization than Frank as a coach. He was put in a horrendous situation when first arriving to Orlando, and fired after just two season. This shows the Magic are heading for true rebuilding mode and that newly acquired GM John Hammond wants to pick his own head coach for that process. Frank Vogel is not a rebuilding coach anyway. He will continue to look forward in his coaching career, and I predict that a team with playoff aspirations will come calling.

Magics next head coach: David Fizdale


Jeff Hornacek

After two seasons as well, Hornacek was let go following last nights games. In the 2013-2014 season, Jeff coached one of the best teams record-wise to ever miss the playoffs. (48-34) He steadily declined the next two years before landing the head coaching job in New York. That landing was surprising in itself as I did not see him and Phil Jackson working well together after what we saw with Derek Fisher; but Jeff continued to work tirelessly and professionally with what he was given. The emergence of star Kristaps Porzingis happened under him, and the Knicks were finally able to get rid of the cancer that Carmelo Anthony was spreading. Although he never won more than 38% of his games in a season, I think Knick fans will still have somewhat positive memories of Jeff Hornacek while he was their head coach.

Knicks next head coach: Marc Jackson
On the hot seat

Mike Malone– As he has shown GREAT improvement since his Sacramento head coaching days, he still may be feeling a little bit of pressure after missing the playoffs two years in a row by one game.

Scott Brooks– Even with making the playoffs, if they fail to amount to anything there he may be in line for a firing. Some of his recent comments about how the team is selfish further leads me to believe it may not be working for him in Washington.

Dave Joerger– In a similar situation as Hornacek and Vogel, Joerger has been with the Kings for two years and has only won 59 games in that span. He did have some pretty good seasons as the head coach for Memphis, so maybe they choose to stick with him through this rebuilding of young talent, or maybe they don’t.

Fred Hoiberg– After being apart of the Jimmy butler era and declining in wins ever since, the Bulls may decide to go with someone else as they too continue to build on this roster of young talent.

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  1. Vogel deserve one more year with a healthy roster…
    Marc Jackson should be the coach New York Knicks, agree 100 percent
    great read!! Fred should be gone… so should Billy Donovan…

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