Mae Young Classic Breakdown: Part 4

Mae Young Classic Breakdown: Part 4

Here we are back for the next 8 participants of the Mae Young Classic! To get started with this part, we have Hiroyo Matsumoto.


Hiroyo Matsumoto

Billed From: Kanagawa, Japan

Height: 5 ft 6 in

Finisher: Backdrop Driver

Championships: SHIMMER Tag Champion, 2-time STARDOM 6 Women Tag Champion, STARDOM Tag Champion


Summary of career and how winning would help their career: Matsumoto is a 12 year veteran in the wrestling business, and has been very successful. She has also competed against NXT trainer Sara Amato and fellow MYC competitors Mercedes Martinez and Nicole Matthews. A tournament win would add to her already impressive career.


Vanessa Kraven

Billed From: Montreal, Canada

Height: 6 ft 2 in

Finisher: Cliffhanger Chokebomb

Championships: SHIMMER Tag Champion

Promotions: SHIMMER

Summary of career and how winning would help their career: Kraven has been dominating the Canadian and Japanese scene for 14 years. Standing over 6 feet tall, and with her experience, some people might even consider her a favorite. Winning this year’s Classic could cap off her already illustrious career.




Billed From: Santiago, Chile

Height: 5 ft 3 in

Finisher: Package Piledriver

Championships: 2-time Revolucion Lucha Libre Women’s Champion

Promotions: Revolucion Lucha Libre

Summary of career and how winning would help their career: Zatara  is a hardcore luchadora, competing and even winning some hardcore titles. She is a hard hitter as well, and is known for hitting her opponents with knees to the head. Zatara looks to become the first luchadora to win the MYC.

Xia Li

Xia Li


Billed From: China

Height: 5 ft 4 in

Finisher: Swinging Neckbreaker


Promotions: WWE NXT

Summary of career and how winning would help their career: Li competed in last year’s event, losing in the first round to Mercedes Martinez. Since being recruited by the WWE from China, Li has been signed under the NXT brand. Not having much success in the WWE, winning this tournament looks like a long shot.


MJ Jenkins

Billed From: New York, USA


Finisher: Widows Peak

Championships: World of Unpredictable Wrestling Stunners Champion

Promotions: WWE NXT, EVOLVE

Summary of career and how winning would help their career: Wrestling in the indies for a few years, Jenkins has some experience, even competing against fellow competitor Karen Q. MJ had a private try-out this past February with WWE, and eventually signed with the company in July. I personally think Jenkins has has a bright future, and winning could catapult her immediately.


Allysin Kay


Billed From: Michigan, USA

Height: 6 ft

Finisher: Yokosuka Cutter

Championships: 2-time Impact Woman’s Champion, Global Force Woman’s Champion, #10 in the Top 50 Women’s Wrestlers 2016

Promotions: Impact/Global Force, Absolute Intense Wrestling

Summary of career and how winning would help their career: Allysin Kay, better known as Sienna(Impact), has tons of experience and could be a force to be reckoned with. Kay is one of the better known competitors in the event following her time in Impact. She has also faced some of the better indy wrestlers outside of the WWE. Winning the MYC would insert herself in the NXT scene, if she chooses to sign with the WWE.


Rachel Evers


Billed From: Minnesota, USA

Height: 5 ft 6 in

Finisher: STO

Championships: Current Maverick Pro Women’s Champion, Resistance Pro Women’s Champion, WrestleCircus Lady of the Ring Champion.

Promotions: MPW, RPW, SHINE, WrestleCircus

Summary of career and how winning would help their career: Also known as Rachael Ellering, she is the daughter of the WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering. Evers competed in last year’s event, making it to the second round. She also has made a few appearances on NXT television, losing several times. Evers is an indy darling that could make her way through this tournament.


Thank you all for supporting our preliminary coverage of the Mae Young Classic, and look forward to the upcoming coverage!


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