Lucha Underground Season 4 to Debut Tonight (6/13/2018)

Lucha Underground Season 4 to Debut Tonight (6/13/2018)


After more than six months of a hiatus, Lucha Underground will finally make its triumphant return with the debut of Season 4 tonight.

Lucha Underground’s last episode was the finale of Season 3, which aired back in October of 2017, and concluded a plethora of storylines.

When we last left the Temple, Pentagon Dark had become the Lucha Underground Champion, exiling Prince Puma in the process. Also of important note, the Gauntlet of the Gods had fallen into the hands of the returning King Cuerno, who looks to be unaware of the power it possesses at this time.

However, no other storyline was bigger than the final scenes of the Season 3 finale, which saw Agent Winter double-cross Dario Cueto, shooting him in his chair and leaving him for dead as Dario was able to make one last phone-call before presumably fading. Dario’s brother, Matanza Cueto, is still locked in his cell as well.

What had become of the fate of the ever-violent Temple’s owner? What lies in store for Pentagon, who’s now risen to the top as the champion? Who will take control of Lucha Underground’s Temple and what awaits the wrestlers?

Lucha Underground airs on the following stations:

–El Rey Network in United States

–La Chaine Action in France

–Tele 5/TNT Serie in Germany

–DSport in India

–Fighting TV Samurai in Japan

–KIX in Southeast Asia

–TeleLatino in Canada

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