Lucha Underground S4:E6 – Break the Machine Recap

Lucha Underground S4:E6 – Break the Machine Recap

Hello there and welcome back, fellow Believers! I do apologize for the late recap, but after a fun experience fighting my hard drive (and losing temporarily), I’m finally able to find my way back into the Ice Temple (using Aerostar’s ability to travel back in time, of course) and give you a recap from Lucha Underground Season 4’s last episode!

So, just as a friendly reminder and given that we’ve gone a fair bit into the season and events are starting to come together, I’ve taken the liberty of providing you all with a quick Season 4 Recap list below for these reviews. If you ever feel that you need a quick brush-up with an ongoing story (or if you feel like supporting your friendly, neighborhood Believer *ahem*), all you have to do is click on any of the episodes below and you’ll find yourself in that episode, ready to assist you!

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Episode 5: Sacrificio

With the recaps fresh in your mind, let’s take a look at what the Ice Temple had in store for us in this latest offering from the Ice Temple!


The show opens with a quick recap of the Lucha Underground Gift of the Gods Championship this season and the distribution of nearly every Aztec Medallion so far (with only one remaining). So far, we know that the current Medallion holders are El Dragon Azteca Jr., Ivelisse, King Cuerno, The Mack, Son of Havoc and Mil Muertes and the final Medallion is to be handed out on this show. We also get a quick overview regarding the war between the Worldwide Underground and The Reptile Tribe as Kobra Moon aims to make Johnny Mundo bow to her as his Queen. Lastly, we’ve got an overview of the main event tonight as ‘The Machine’ Cage attempts to derail the increasing momentum of Pentagon Dark and become the new Lucha Underground Champion. It’s an alright package but nothing that you haven’t already seen in prior openings (with the obvious exception of the Medallions, but you already knew that…and no, contrary to imaginary belief, Alberto el Patron is not in this episode).

Striker Vampiro

We’re then taken over to the Ice Temple, where Mariachi el Bronx is serenading us with their smooth trumpets (still waiting on that hot mix-tape though) and we’re welcomed by our expert announcers, Matt Striker and Vampiro! The Believers are ready to rock tonight, already hyped up with “Olé, Lucha” chants and those ever-awesome #Believer posters! I’d seriously love one if anyone would be willing to send me one! Even Striker and Vampiro have one each at their table, as I envy from afar with a tear in my eye. Speaking of which, Striker hypes up our main event with Cage and Pentagon, which promises to be violent, given these two madmen (or, in Cage’s case, mad-machine), while Vampiro mimes out everything Striker says nonchalantly.

Striker throws it over to the heart-stoppingly beautiful Melissa Santos and we’re off to the races (or ropes, I guess?) for our first lucha! It looks like we’ve got our final Aztec Medallion up for grabs in this match, which would mean the Gift of the Gods Championship will soon be decided and that will definitely be a must-see encounter, given how much of a game-changer (pun intended) that championship is. The Rabbit Tribe is introduced first, with Paul London wrestling and accompanied by Mala Suerte and Saltador. The entire group is now decked out in black colors (except Saltador, he’s still a walking checkerboard) and Striker is quick to mention that they’re now ‘darker’, which I’m a bit down on for reasons that I’ll get into during the Analysis section of this match. Striker also notes that we will be having a debut in this match. Given that the last two debuts (XO Lishus and Jake Strong) have completely knocked it out of the park, I have fairly high hopes for who the newest entrant into the Ice Temple is.

Match 1: Paul London (w/ Mala Suerte and Saltador) vs. Dezmond X (1 of 7 Aztec Medallions for Gift of the Gods Championship)

As I expected, this newest debut did not disappoint! Dezmond X (also known as Dezmond Xavier of Impact Wrestling, CZW and AAW) has now entered the fold as the newest combatant in the Ice Temple. He sure did pick the spot to debut, though, facing a tough veteran in Paul London for one of the most coveted prizes in the Ice Temple, an Aztec Medallion! If history is anything to go by in Lucha Underground, however, usually (but not always) the debuting wrestler tends to lose their first match. Can Dezmond X buck that trend and cement his spot for a shot at the Gift of the Gods Championship?


Paul London looks on with a sinister smile on his face and rubbing his hands in anticipation for this match while Dezmond calmly walks into the ring with the swagger of a veteran who’s competed against the best. As the bell rings, Mala Suerte and Saltador climb into the ring and criss-cross the ring, disorienting Dezmond and allowing London to strike fast with clubbing blows to seize advantage quickly. London rocks Dezmond into the middle rope and continues to club Dezmond with blows, while Mala Suerte and Saltador hold Dezmond’s head down on the ropes, allowing London to catch Dezmond with a running dropkick quickly. Mala Suerte and Saltador hold Dezmond up on the outside to allow London to attempt a sliding dropkick to the outside but Dezmond manages to whip around, allowing London to kick his teammates instead. Dezmond immediately follows up with a springboard seated Asai Moonsault, taking out Mala Suerte and Saltador while London rushes back into the ring to avoid the attack. Due to that tactic, London catches Dezmond by surprise with a quick pendulum dropkick and sends him back into the ring.

Back inside, London catches Dezmond with a springboard cradle for a two-count and proceeds to lay into him with punches from above. Dezmond manages to fight back, however, with a hard back elbow to London, as the crowd now engages in dueling “Let’s go Dezmond/London” chants, which is awesome to hear. Dezmond quickly stuns London with quick palm strikes to the throat and a cutter to drop London to the mat. London’s now staggered on the corner and Dezmond sets up to run at London, but he wandered too close to the awaiting Mala Suerte and Saltador on the outside and they make him pay by holding his legs on the outside while London rushes in with a corner splash, but he misses the mark. It’s here that Striker and Vampiro begin to wonder where Mascarita Sagrada is, given he was a member of the Rabbit Tribe as well. I want you to keep note of that statement as I’ll circle back around to this in a bit. Dezmond attempts to rush London as he recovers from the missed splash but London drops him with a rope-assisted dropkick. London makes the mistake of taunting, however, and Dezmond makes him pay with a snap-hurricanrana, forcing London off the top rope to the mat as the crowd now starts to solely chant for Dezmond, indicating he’s won them over.


London finds a corner to recover but Dezmond builds up steam and immediately rushes in for a running European uppercut, but he misses the shot, allowing London to counter with a splash of his own, but he misses as well. This allows Dezmond to catch London with a rope-assisted enzuigiri and a tornado DDT attempt. London blocks the DDT and sends Dezmond backwards. London attempts a clothesline but Dezmond rolls through and disorients London with a quick backflip before catching him with a Pelé, dropping him to the mat for a two-count. Striker does astutely point out that Dezmond is making deep pinfall covers on London, which would force London to exert more energy to kick out and delivers a more secure chance at victory, which I really appreciate and love that sort of insight in a match.

Dezmond heads to the top-rope and attempts a 450 Splash but London rolls out of the way as Dezmond lands on his feet and rolls through. On the turn-around, however, Dezmond’s met with a quick Meteora by Paul London. London readies Dezmond for a Tiger Suplex attempt, but Dezmond rolls London through into a quick roll-up for the surprise pinfall victory!

Post-Match, London rolls out of the ring and shoves his teammates in disappointment. There’s no walk-out, however, as it reads more like London’s descending into anger and madness.

Winner: Dezmond X
Analysis: I was definitely not expecting Dezmond to walk away with the pinfall victory here, much less an Aztec Medallion and in his first match! This wasn’t a bad match to start us off here, as the crowd got an introduction to what Dezmond X is capable of in the ring. Fellow Impact Wrestling viewers know that Dezmond Xavier can really take things up a notch when the match calls for it and I’m really excited to see what the future holds for him, especially now that it seems he’s out of the gate with a spotlight on him for a chance at the Gift of the Gods Championship, which is pretty major. I would’ve honestly preferred Paul London to have this victory to further the Rabbit Tribe’s story but I’ve learned to never doubt Lucha Underground’s storytelling.

Now, I mentioned a bit earlier that Striker mentioned that The Rabbit Tribe was a bit ‘darker’ and that I wasn’t very fond of that statement being mentioned during his entrance. If you remember from last week’s episode (and if you don’t, there’s a link up there to remind you, wink-wink), the Rabbit Tribe found their White Rabbit (Killer Kross from Impact Wrestling) and he had promised them his guidance in exchange for Mascarita Sagrada’s life. That was a pretty powerful segment that triggered the change for a ‘darker’ Rabbit Tribe and I’m all for that. The only problem, however, is that this particular scene happened outside of the Ice Temple, in a faraway location (i.e. out of Lucha Underground production, to keep within the mythos of the show). With that in mind and adhering to the story, Striker and Vampiro would have no knowledge of this ever occurring and, thus, they only remember the happy-go-trippy Rabbit Tribe who have fun in the ring and joke around. When the Rabbit Tribe entered this match, however, Striker’s delivery of the line where he noticed they were ‘darker’ gave off an unsurprising impression, as if he had prior knowledge that the Tribe had changed their ways. It didn’t help that the duo also wondered where Mascarita Sagrada was midway through and that they quickly brushed off this fact immediately after a quip about his height. That moment contradicted the aforementioned delivery from Striker, causing a slightly inconsistent shift in tone. It’s not really a big deal, but it’s why I wasn’t so fond of that mention from the get-go as it could’ve been utilized a bit better for the Rabbit Tribe’s momentum.

We get a promo for the main-event between Pentagon Dark and Cage for the Lucha Underground Championship once more!


Back from commercial break, we’re back in the Ice Temple as Antonio Cueto (or Papa Cueto, as the Believers chant) walks to the ringside, where the Gift of the Gods Championship is displayed on a frame (that championship is beautiful and an amazing gimmick for any story). Cueto congratulates the Aztec Medallion holders for their victories in their respective matches ahead of next week’s match to crown the new champion. He notes that he’s been a fight promoter for 40 years and that he could not ever remember a match with the caliber of talent like next week’s match. He begins to introduce each Medallion holder, one-by-one, as they place their Medallions onto the championship title. The first entrant is El Dragon Azteca Jr, who places the Snake Medallion on the left-most slot. King Cuerno (who I swear Antonio Cueto announces as ‘Kid Cuerno’) is out next and he places the Deer Medallion onto the slot next to the Snake Medallion. Ivelisse is the next participant out, as she places the Moth Medallion onto the left-middle slot. Dezmond X, who just won his Medallion one match before, places his Medallion (I’m not sure which Medallion that one is, if someone can verify?) directly onto the middle slot, which is a pretty confident statement. Son of Havoc is out next and he places his Jaguar Medallion next to Dezmond’s Medallion. The Mack is now out as he swags out smoothly and places his Eagle Medallion onto the second-right most slot. Last but not least, Mil Muertes (or Mil Mue-r-r-r-tes, as Cueto announces) and the stunning Catrina are out as Muertes places his Death Medallion onto the last slot of the title, completing and activating the Gift of the Gods Championship for contention once more.

All of the competitors for the championship are in the ring, but true to the Cueto name, Antonio desires to have some fun with the competitors and throws a monkey wrench into the mix ahead of the big match next week. He declares that he always thought that ‘seven’ was an unlucky number for him, so he declares that next week’s match is going to be a Six-Pack Challenge instead of the standard Seven-Way match. However, in order to decide the odd man/woman out, he orders an impromptu over-the-top battle royal, with the winner of the match deciding who will be eliminated from the match. Well, alright then, I’m alright with that as it’ll eliminate a body from an already packed match. Cueto shouts for the competitors to FIIIIIIIIIGHT and the match is underway!

Battle Royal
Match 2 (?): Seven-Way Battle Royal: The Mack vs. King Cuerno vs. Son of Havoc vs. El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Mil Muertes (w/ Catrina) vs. Ivelisse vs. Dezmond X (Winner Decides Who is Removed From Gift of the Gods Championship Match)

Wow, that’s a long title for a match but let’s roll with it! In typical Cueto fashion, Antonio Cueto has changed the rules of the game again, as one person will be eliminated from the match next week for the Gift of the Gods Championship. Who’s going to have their hard-earned victory amount to nothing? Dezmond X is also wrestling back-to-back matches as well, so how will that play into his chances this match?

We’re starting this out with a brawl between every competitor extremely quickly. Ivelisse is almost eliminated by King Cuerno but she fights back quickly. That doesn’t stop the walking mound of death that is Mil Muertes, as he goes on a spree eliminating King Cuerno, Ivelisse and Dezmond X in extremely quick fashion. Muertes attempts to powerbomb Azteca and gets him up in position but Azteca shifts his body weight to force Muertes towards the ropes, where Mack and SoH manage to eliminate both in quick fashion. Once again, the Trios Champions find themselves face-to-face against each other but, after a quick moment and discussion between the two, SoH decides to dive onto every other competitor with an over-the-top rope topé con giro, eliminating himself instead of fighting his partner, giving the Mack the victory.

Post-match, The Mack now has the opportunity to decide who will be eliminated from next week’s match for the championship. The Mack, confidently stating that he fears no man and with his chest out proud, adamantly states that Mil Muertes scares the sh*t out of him (I agree, Mack, I agree) and boots Mil Muertes from the match, causing Catrina to walk out in disgust and Muertes to completely clobber every competitor on the outside in a rage.

Winner: The Mack (Mil Muertes removed from Gift of the Gods Match)
Analysis: Well, this is an easy match to analyze, solely because there really is no match to analyze here. In the span of about two-and-a-half minutes, everyone was eliminated and Mil Muertes was made out to look like the biggest threat in the match. IF anyone else that did win the match and not pick him would be the equivalent of that episode in Doctor Who where the Twelfth Doctor was in his Confession Dial and, instead of confessing his secrets, punches a diamond wall for 12 billion years to break out (yes, I’m a Who-vian and no, I’m not going to explain that analogy as it would take five more seasons of Lucha Underground). I will admit though, I got a chuckle out of the Mack’s declaration about Mil Muertes though. Nonetheless, this furthers Mil Muertes’ subtle conflict with Catrina at the moment and furthers the threat that is Mil Muertes in any match so I’m alright with his removal. It also serves to lessen the match into a Six-Pack Challenge, which is so much better in terms of allowing moments to not feel clustered due to the quantity of stars (and also reviewing purposes, that play-by-play would be long).

Back from commercial break, we’re back in the Ice Temple as Mariachi el Bronx is just finishing up a song and we’re back with Melissa Santos introducing us to the next match.

Vibora Mundo
Match 3: Vibora (w/ Kobra Moon) vs. Johnny Mundo (w/ Taya)

Johnny Mundo, the leader of Worldwide Underground, gets some in-ring action here as he faces off against the Reptile Tribe’s Vibora (or Luchasarus, as the Believers call him, due to his massive height). Johnny and Taya are in full ‘Public Display of Affection’ mode here, so I guess it’s safe to assume in the Ice Temple that the two are a couple (in and out of real life). It will be Johnny’s hybrid style of speed and strength against Vibora’s height and aggressiveness. Can Mundo pull out the victory against a man that towers over him?

The match started out with Vibora approaching Mundo, who tries to take the big man down with strikes to the hind leg (get it, because he’s a Reptile? You get it? Ha!) to stun the man down. Mundo’s quick to use his speed here, as he manages to even catch Vibora with a jumping forearm strike to the back of the head, bringing him to a knee momentarily. Vibora would gain back his momentum, however, striking Mundo with a back elbow and a strike. Vibora attempts to run the ropes but Taya grabs his leg as he attempts to rebound. Mundo attempts to run the ropes and Kobra Moon does the same to him. This results in both women immediately entering the ring and talking smack against the other before Taya levels Moon with a spear and throws her out of the ring. This entire moment distracts Vibora, who is concerned for his Queen, as he charges Mundo. Mundo lifts Vibora over and into a mule-kick low blow while the referee is distracted by the two women facing off on the outside. They both entered the ring and Taya took out Kobra Moon with a spear. Johnny follows up with a series of moves, such as his Flash Kick and running knee strike, before culminating with a standing Shooting Star Press.


This did absolutely nothing to Vibora, however, as he sits up while holding Mundo and muscles him into a fireman’s carry before dropping him with the Widowmaker and rolls him over. Vibora whips Mundo into the corner and connects with a running splash and running big boot, dropping Mundo to the mat. As Mundo rises, Vibora follows with a Kenny Omega-esque V-Trigger knee strike to absolutely stun Mundo and delivers a wrist-clutch Burning Hammer for a two-count. Vibora sets up Mundo for a Chokeslam but Mundo backflips out during the goozle and follows through with a rewind-hurricanrana and a normal hurricanrana to stun Vibora. Mundo heads up top for a dive onto a downed Vibora, but Vibora sits up and stares at Mundo, who has nowhere to go. Mundo, with no option, decides to dive onto Kobra Moon on the outside instead, taking her out. Taya, in the process, talks trash to a downed Moon and both Taya and Mundo flip Vibora off. In the background, however, PJ Black laid in wait with a steel chair as Mundo goaded Vibora into a chase, allowing PJ to nail Vibora with the chair as Taya distracts the referee.

Mundo tosses Vibora back into the ring and (barely) lands Fin del Mundo onto Vibora but he kicks out at two, frustrating Mundo as the Believers cheer Vibora on. Mundo responds to this development by laying out referee Justin Borden with a super-kick. With no referee, Mundo orders Taya and PJ into the ring as they set a chair onto Vibora’s neck while Mundo readies for a chair strike. At this point, Drago ran out to make the save, catching Mundo with a missile dropkick. Drago baits Taya and PJ as he exits the ring, allowing the king of the Reptile Tribe, Daga, to hit the ring with a chair in hand as he and Drago chase the Worldwide Underground backstage. Back in the ring, Mundo grabs a nearby chair and readies it to strike Vibora, but Mundo misses and Vibora kicks the chair out and catches Mundo with a superkick and pop-up powerbomb. Vibora would then roll Mundo over and deliver a Chokeslam and standing moonsault (seriously, how?) onto Mundo on the Aztec seal as referee Marty Elias runs out for the two-count. At this point, the Believers are starting to chant ‘This is Awesome,’ as they’re firmly behind the Reptile Tribe at this point.


Vibora shoves Mundo to the corner and prepares to finish Mundo off but Ricky Mundo manages to pull Mundo out of the ring. Vibora would respond, however, with a springboard Asai Moonsault (no seriously, how?!) to take both men out. Vibora rolls Johnny Mundo back into the ring and heads up to the top rope. However, Mundo is back up and rushes Vibora, forcing him to jump over and roll through, but Johnny catches him with a series of kicks to stun the big man. Mundo would then rush the ropes and rebound, only to catch a headbutt by Vibora and being staggered into the corner. Vibora attempts a splash but misses as Mundo slides out and onto the apron, stunning Vibora with a rope-assisted enzuigiri and attempted a springboard attack. Vibora, however, caught Mundo on the top rope and nails him with the Chokeslam for the pinfall victory.

Post-match, Kobra Moon and Vibora are in the ring but Worldwide Underground sneak in with chairs to take out the duo. This brings out Daga and Drago, who brawl with Taya and PJ Black all the way to the commercial break, as the promo for the main event cuts the brawl off.

Winner: Vibora
Analysis: This was a pretty awesome match for the show, as Vibora finally gets a chance to shine against someone as talented and skilled as Johnny Mundo. Johnny Mundo always impresses in any match and I didn’t expect any negatives from him as this match progressed. Vibora, however, impressed the heck out of me, especially with the moonsaults. Barring Cage, who is an anomaly as it is, the fact that someone of his height and build can deliver a moonsault like that so flawlessly is jaw-dropping and I commend the man for it. I definitely liked this match for what it was: a straight-up brawl that furthered the escalating war between the two factions. The only thing that confuses me, however, is which side is the face between the two? It seems the Reptile Tribe have become the de facto faces here, only because Worldwide Underground are jerks anyway, but the Reptile Tribe are still villains at the end of the day, right? I guess they do get their moment on account of Vibora’s performance in the match and all so it’s a fair pass.


Back from commercial break and we get…something from XO Lishus, who looks to be in the middle of a routine, which includes getting showered in a bucket of water and nailing a pose, looking fabulous in the process. I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure what to make of that but it was pretty entertaining. In the background, however, Jack Evans is peering from a corner, apparently spying on XO Lishus and aggravated at his loss against XO. In the process, Ricky Mundo (with Rosa the doll) is beside Jack, questioning what he’s doing and where he was during the Reptile Tribe’s attack. Jack reaffirms that he doesn’t deal with reptiles and that Johnny was alright with him sitting it out before leaving. Suddenly, Rosa speaks, saying that she doesn’t like Jack and that Ricky should do to him what Ricky did to Angelico. Ricky seems hesitant, as he believed Johnny would be mad at him, to which Rosa asks who’s in charge of Ricky’s life, Johnny or him? I’m sorry, but that doll’s voice is extremely unsettling and creepy and I now have an innate fear of dolls. However, this does somewhat explain Angelico’s disappearance and why that feud with Mundo was never brought back up since last season. I wonder if he’ll return for a match with Ricky or if he was killed off-screen?


After a few focus shots, we hear the roar of the Believers shouting chants of ‘Lucha’ as Melissa Santos introduces the first participant for our main-event, from the 559, Cage! She does his introductions so gleefully, almost makes me wonder if she’s moved on from Fenix. Cage enters through the stairway entrance and I’m amazed he even managed to fit through the doors with how massive and built he is as a ma–err, I mean a machine. Conversely, Melissa is still disgusted as she introduces Pentagon Dark to the ring, as he enters with his Lucha Underground Championship, ready for a war.

Match 4: Pentagon Dark (c) vs. Cage (Lucha Underground Championship)

It’s finally time for Cage to get his hands on Pentagon Dark, as he attempts to take the coveted Lucha Underground Championship away from Mr. Cero Miedo himself. Pentagon Dark is riding a tidal wave of momentum currently, becoming the first man to retain his title in Aztec Warfare and defeating “The Monster” Matanza Cueto (pre-Aztec God possession). Can Cage dominate his way to the top and claim the prize or, as the title of the episode suggests, will Pentagon Dark break the machine?

The match starts after the commercial break, as the crowd breaks out ‘Cero Miedo/Let’s go, Cage’ dueling chants. Before Pentagon gets into the ring, however, Cage rushes him and knocks him off the apron before pursuing him outside. Cage begins to establish dominance early on, tossing Pentagon into a nearby row and scattering some of the Believers. Pentagon manages to get a few strikes on Cage but he’s unable to faze him as Cage continues the dominance, slamming Pentagon into various areas around ringside. Cage, furthering the damage, also manages to slam Pentagon onto the floor and deliver a back suplex on the apron before tossing him once again into a nearby row of chairs, scattering more Believers in the process. As Cage sends Pentagon into a nearby rail, he proceeds to tie the tassels on Pentagon’s mask onto the bars of the rails, immobilizing Pentagon (as his mask would pull off if he were to move too much). Utilizing this advantage, Cage hammers on Pentagon with right hands and kicks. Cage increases the violence by heading over to the announcers’ table and grabbing Striker’s chair, intending on dropping Pentagon with it. As Cage readies to smash Pentagon, Pentagon manages to escape and slide out, stunning Cage enough to land a sling-blade to drop Cage to the floor.


Pentagon finally begins to fire up and the match ends up back into the ring, where Pentagon climbs up to the top rope and hits the double stomp onto Cage for a one-count. Pentagon fires a leg kick onto Cage and prepares to land the Package Piledriver but Cage reverses and hits his GMSI-facebuster. Cage follows this up with a Buckle Bomb, which forced Pentagon to the apron to recover, but Cage continues the assault and brings Pentagon back in with a middle-rope deadlift superplex for a two-count. Cage signals for the end with the throat-slice and has Pentagon in a fireman’s carry, but Pentagon sneaks out and lands a Backstabber and a Lungblower onto the big man but still only gets a two-count. Pentagon oddly heads to the middle rope and does his ‘Cero Miedo’ taunt, allowing a fairly-fresh Cage to catch him in an electric-chair position and dropping him with a facebuster, but Cage only gets a two-count. Noticeably, Cage is starting to breathe heavily, signaling exhaustion (which is Cage’s ‘Achilles’ in his matches in the Ice Temple). Pentagon would take full advantage of this by catching Cage in back-to-back Mexican Destroyers, followed by the Package Piledriver for the pinfall victory!

Post-match, Cage attempts to catch Pentagon with a discus lariat but Pentagon drops him with the title. Pentagon then attempts to break Cage’s arm, as customary in the end of his matches, but Cage powers out and slams Pentagon with an F-5 onto the title, declaring that Pentagon couldn’t break his arm because he’s not a man, he’s a machine! The show ends on this note, with no lead-in for the next show.

Winner: Pentagon Dark (Title Retained)
Analysis: Pentagon Dark’s momentum continues to surge to new heights, now adding Cage to the list of men that have tried and failed to usurp him from his throne. This type of match was very well done and just the type of match I’d like to see when it comes to establishing Pentagon as a dominant champion. Cage is a powerhouse and it’s known among the competitors that, unless you’re Matanza Cueto or Mil Muertes, no one would out-muscle Cage. However, Cage has always demonstrated one very consistent weakness throughout his matches: his stamina. Carrying that hefty frame of his and performing at the intensity and speed that he does always results in him starting to fade in the later half of the match and it’s completely believable that Pentagon could weather Cage’s early offense as much as possible before the big man starts to tire and Pentagon can take advantage with the quick victory (like a wrestling variant of the ‘Rope-a-dope’ tactic used by Muhammad Ali against George Foreman). This, in turn, displays the toughness, ring psychology and tactical planning of Pentagon Dark, who can take advantage of these vital points and pull out a victory, which is a mark of a true champion.
Full Show Analysis: This was definitely a pretty fun episode of Lucha Underground, filled with three matches (plus an impromptu battle royal) that each delivered what was needed to further progress the ongoing narratives of their respectful stories. The Gift of the Gods Championship is now completed and reactivated for contention, now that all of the Aztec Medallions have been placed into the championship and, now that Mil Muertes has been eliminated, the match promises to deliver in spades and Muertes will probably kill someone in the process! Cage vs. Pentagon Dark was the classic violent brawl that we’ve come to expect in the Ice Temple and we now have a new competitor with Dezmond X now entering the fold and looking as if he’s been there all along. I definitely can’t wait for the next episode to see what happens next for Pentagon Dark, Cage and all the competitors in the Six-Pack match!

That’ll do it for this episode, fellow Believers! Let me know what you thought of this show, your favorite standout moments and if you thought anything should have been handled better in the comments section and leave feedback with what you all think of these reviews so far. As I said, these reviews are for you, my fellow Believers, and I want them to be styled to your liking as well. I hope to see you all next week for the next offering from the Ice Temple. Take care and keep believing!

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