Look what Westbrook said he’ll “guarantee” to do to Rubio next game

Look what Westbrook said he’ll “guarantee” to do to Rubio next game

Russell Westbrook had 17 shots going into the fourth quarter and didn’t attempt one in the fourth.  Similar to game two, he seemed awfully passive.  Meanwhile, Paul George had it going in the final quarter, and Westbrook’s response to why he wasn’t as aggressive was because he wanted to stay in the flow of the game and keep George going.

Reporters kept asking if something was wrong with him, or if he was injured, to which Russell replied “There’s a lot of S*** going on in my body, but that’s everybody right now.”

The way that the Utah Jazz are defending Westbrook is reminding me a little of how New Orleans was guarding Damian Lillard in the 3-6 matchup.  Although The Jazz aren’t really double teaming him, they are making him take what the defense is giving by forcing him to pass, a lot. You can’t blame Westbrook for trying to make the right play.

Westbrook was also asked about Rudy Gobert’s presence and how he been able to affect the game, and he clearly discredited Utah’s big man by answering that all he’s doing is sitting beneath the basket, and that he needs to be smarter when attacking.  Maybe having Rudy down there is making last year’s MVP think twice about attacking the way he usually does.

Finally, Westbrook was asked about Rubio’s play and how hot he was, starting off 5 for 5 in the mid range.  He answers by saying all he was doing is making shots, and getting too comfortable.  Westbrook’s next response ” I’m a shut that S*** off next game though, I can guarantee it”

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 2.41.18 PM

A guarantee from a player of this caliber is always intriguing to see if they can deliver on those types of promises.  Ricky Rubio has waited 7 years for moments like this, as he became the first Jazz player to record a triple double since John Stockton in 2001, and I’m sure is awaiting the challenge.

I can see why Russell guaranteed that statement, as they will have to do just that if they want disrupt the pace that Rubio’s been setting for this series.  Narratives in the playoffs can change in a drop of basket, and this series is far from over.

I’m sure I can speak for us all when I say that we are definitely looking forward to game 4 in Salt lake City on Monday.


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  1. i think the strategy of intimidation agaisnt the Jazz wont work… Westbrook should speak through his game, maybe he should chuck as much and give his team a better chance… couple games it was PG talking smack to Joe Ingles… Jazz keep bouncing back…

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