Lio Rush is Becoming the New Austin Aries

Lio Rush is Becoming the New Austin Aries

Lio Rush is an incredible talent. Despite his size, he can do almost anything in a wrestling ring and with WWE he showed that even his promo skills were off the charts as well, when he recently managed Bobby Lashley. He has a lot of personality and a lot of potential considering he’s at the crisp age of 24. However, he recently got rid of WWE from all of his mentions on social media, giving us the impression that he was finally let go by WWE. As you may have heard, Rush’s ego shone through as of late, voicing his opinion on his stance in the company and what’s wrong with WWE’s pay scale. Attitude and egotism doesn’t make you any friends in the wrestling business, and especially doesn’t help you when you are with a company as big as WWE.

Lio Rush has all the talent in the world but his mouth has put him in a compromising situation. And at such a young age, this is something to be concerned about. Rush has basically turned himself into the new age Austin Aries. Aries again was someone who, without a doubt, could do just about everything as a wrestler, despite his size. The problem is, his reputation as being hard to work with from his stints with Ring of Honor, TNA/IMPACT Wrestling, and the WWE, held him back from truly becoming one of the absolute best in the business. Ever since Aries left IMPACT just this past year, you would think he would be one of the most sought after free agents in wrestling but because of the controversy surrounding his match with Johnny Impact at IMPACT’s Bound for Glory, he only just recently signed a deal with the lower-level Major League Wrestling.

Now, Rush isn’t on Austin’s level of terribleness, but he has shown he’s on the “right” track so far. He could’ve made his WWE situation work a little better had he handled it directly with management, but it seems that he has handled it in the worst way possible and refuses to admit it. Rush is an incredible talent, and could be the face of a company someday. I truly mean that. Whichever company gets Rush after this, can turn him into a world champion just like CZW did, but if he continues to carry himself like he has recently, he’s going to be in the same category that guys like Aries, Low-Ki, and Enzo Amore are in: Sign at your own risk.

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